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Vox Populi

LETTER: Clarification needed on carbon capture

Editor: Bart Robinson’s letter in the March 16 Outlook, “Work Remains for Carbon Capture and Storage Viability,” requires clarification. While Robinson expresses valid concerns about carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) being used by the fossil fuel

LETTER: Carbon capture and storage a tool in climate solutions toolbox

Editor: I’m glad that the short talk that Paul McKendrick and I gave at the Canmore Public Library in late February is generating public debate on solutions to climate change. In his letter in the March 16 edition of the Outlook “Work remains for

LETTER: Responsible landlords essential to building community

Editor: I am a long-time homeowner in Canmore. Over the years, I have seen my corner of this town I call home change in ways that are making day-to-day life challenging for me and my family and other long-time homeowners in our community.

LETTER: Important to pick up after pets

Editor: I love dogs. Although we personally don’t have one, our daughter and son both have these wonderful canines. However, I ask if you do have a dog then you pick up after it and that includes on all our trails. I believe the vast amount of dog

LETTER: Affordability payments signal upcoming election

Editor: I noticed the advertisement in the March 2 Outlook regarding the so-called affordability payments and then received a flyer in the mail showing all of the things the UCP government is supposedly doing to help out struggling Albertans. What

LETTER: Cleantech solutions, reducing energy consumption can go hand-in-hand

Editor: In his letter in the March 9 edition of the Outlook titled “Threat of global climate change real”, Bob Sandford suggests reducing energy consumption and using cleantech solutions like carbon removal is an either/or proposition. Rather, it’s

LETTER: Work remains for carbon capture and storage viability

Editor: It was good to read Bob Sandford’s letter in the March 2 Outlook “Threat of global climate change real” expressing his concerns about carbon capture and storage (CCS) as a method of addressing the climate crisis. CCS means using machines to

LETTER: Buses, not trains, easiest path forward for managing visitation

Editor: The issue with accommodating traffic in Banff National Park is an immediate one that can not simply await the potential construction of a Calgary Airport to Banff Harry Potteresque train. This dream is years from realization, if ever, requires

LETTER: Increase in property assessments concerning

Editor: After discussing Canmore property assessments with several friends, it appears to me everyone received a whopping increase in their assessment this year. When I adjust my 2022 assessment to the value that it would have been if the increase from

LETTER: Threat of global climate change real

Editor: I see that the techno-optimists have been active in town offering fantasy solutions to the threat of global climate breakdown. Is it not time to face up to reality? Can we not see that companies and governments around the world are trying to