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Vox Populi

LETTER: Important to be welcoming, accepting community

Editor: The wildlife conservation movement has a long history of perpetuating social oppression, including against 2SLGBTQI+ communities, in part by labelling and dichotomizing “natural” and “unnatural” behaviours in both “wild” and anthropocentric

LETTER: Treating workers with respect is essential

Editor: I want to bring to public attention the experience of the guest services folks at Elevation Place. I have heard some horror stories from friends who work there, but the events of the Oct. 22 weekend really take the cake. The front desk workers

LETTER: Concerned with ministry changes

Editor: Recent changes to the former Ministry of Environment and Parks are concerning for the future of Alberta’s protected areas. More than 90 per cent of the land base of provincial and wildland provincial parks, along with the Willmore Wilderness

LETTER: Overrun with feral rabbits

Editor: We have lived in Canmore for many years and for the first 20 years we managed to keep the feral rabbits out of our backyard. It was not without a great effort on our part. We have a 16-inch wire fence surrounding our property and up until now we

LETTER: Pathway plan a positive for the community

Editor: As a frequent bike rider on the West Bow River Pathway and being aware of the current controversy, I decided to read the Bow River Path conceptual design report. I do agree with the report’s recommendations and I support the construction of the

LETTER: Paving of pathway will help mobility

Editor: To make the most of the sunny days of this summer and fall, I have been riding my mobility scooter to all parts of Canmore. The small wheels and small frame size results in a very bumpy ride on all surfaces except where the asphalt paving is

LETTER: Businesses should face punishment, naming

Editor: After reading Reno Sommerhalder’s letter and then reading Mark Walker's letter in the Oct. 20 edition of the Outlook, I am quite perplexed at how the topic of Valbella keeps coming up. Meanwhile, two bears were murdered in Canmore because of

LETTER: Stoney Nakoda, Kananaskis Country reporting valuable to community

Editor: Thank you to Jessica Lee for all your outstanding and informative articles from Mînî Thnî (Morley) and Kananaskis Country. This dedicated news coverage is long overdue in the Bow Valley. I hope when the federal government’s Local Journalism

LETTER: Reach out to business if more needs to be done

Editor: I read with some sadness the letter in the Oct. 20 Outlook "Company needs to do more to right the wrong made". In reference to Mr. Walker’s desire to know “significant efforts” have been undertaken by the company. It is widely known Valbella

LETTER: Give up on intercept parking in Banff, unless Parks Canada says otherwise

Editor: Why does the Town of Banff mayor and managers continually present their rhetoric in the media and their meeting minutes that Banff cannot exist without intercept parking in Elk Woods when Parks Canada has vehemently stated Banff will not sprawl