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Vox Populi

LETTER: Advanced booking limits spur of the moment camping

Editor: In regards to the article “province plans campground, trail upgrades for Kananaskis” in the April 13 Outlook. Although I applaud the basic premise and intention of camp facility increases, it seems to me both our provincial and national

LETTER: Smith track record troublesome

Editor: It’s pretty clear that our sixth ballot Premier Danielle Smith and the dysfunctional UCP would sooner butter the bread of big industry rather than help individual Albertans. Promising $20 Billion – with a big B – cash and credits to the wealthy

LETTER: Special tourism designation bill vital to local economy

Editor: Finally, after about 20 years of unsuccessful lobbying for a special tourism designation similar to resort municipality status to make it's way into Alberta's Municipal Government Act (MGA), our MLA, Miranda Rosin, has made a significant

LETTER: Intercept lot outside of Town's borders likely a no-go

Editor: When my sister and I were young, we would often try the “mommy we want, mommy we want, mommy we want“ gambit ad infinitum, and mommy would always say “no” ad infinitum. If we persisted, she would “lay down the law” to us. Hopefully Parks Canada

LETTER: Election spin season is here

Editor: As with every election these days, the political spin-masters launch salvos of attack ads at their opposition, while pretending to halo their own candidates and platform. Bullies only demean others to feel better about themselves. While the

LETTER: Climate change a vital discussion

Editor: Thank you, Bob Sandford. Thank you, Bart Robinson and thank you Ed Whittingham for giving us a little reality check. It’s hard to believe there is still a debate on climate change, what needs to be done and who is going to do it. A week or two

LETTER: Energy efficient homes are affordable homes

Editor: The Town of Canmore is seeking public input on its update to the Palliser area structure plan (ASP). Bow Valley Climate Action Society (BVCA) strongly supports the Town’s goal of updating the ASP to prioritize the development of diverse,

LETTER: Special tourism designation bill just for show

Editor: The UCP’s MLA for Banff-Kananaskis Miranda Rosin is taking credit for her plan to introduce a private member’s bill which would designate Banff, Canmore and Jasper as special tourism designations. This bill, although now in never-never land

LETTER: Carbon controversies

Editor: Recent letters to the editor in the Outlook by Bob Sanford, Bart Robinson and Ed Whittingham all embody lots of wisdom and valid perspectives regarding the necessary steps to reduce our intensive energy use and the resulting carbon emissions.

LETTER: Crowdfunding for long-term Banff resident

Editor: Doug Hamel, a long-time resident of Banff now making his home on Cortes Island British Columbia, had a stroke on March 2. He was helicoptered to the nearest hospital for treatment. Doug is now back home, but the damage from the stroke has left