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Vox Populi

LETTER: Appreciation for help from local school

Editor: I am writing to share my very deep thanks and appreciation for the staff and students at Alpenglow School. As part of their Earth Day celebrations, these fabulous students collected pledges from friends and family then ran loops of a course

LETTER: Music association gives thanks

Editor: After a very successful concert by the Valley Winds Music Association members at The Malcolm Hotel on April 30, we pause to give some well-deserved praise to our many supporters and volunteers. As there are too many to list at this time, we

LETTER: Conditions that led to out of control prescribed burn concerning

Editor: After reading the article in the May 11 Outlook about Parks Canada launching an after-action review of the prescribed fire that got out of control near the Banff townsite on May 3, I wonder about the statement of Jane Park, the fire and

LETTER: Thank you for the good memories, Ticino's

Editor: Forty years ago, my family and I arrived as immigrants to Vancouver with the intention to travel and settle in the Rocky Mountains. We ended up in Banff. I had a lot of experience working in the hospitality industry globally, so I asked a

LETTER: Contrarian view on K-Country pass, healthcare spending

Editor: I see there are plenty of political complaints in the Vox Populi. Being a contrarian, I’m amused by the eternal moaning about K-Country passes. A yearly pass is $90 and a day pass is $15. Apparently, this is restrictive to some and offensive

LETTER: A holistic approach needed to address complex Canmore paid parking issue

In regards to the article “Canmore BIA outlines potential recommendations on paid parking” in the May 11 edition of the Outlook, thank you to the BIA for progressing the conversation around how to better implement the Integrated Transportation Plan in

LETTER: Out of control prescribed burn, heatwave a warning for region

Editor: That a prescribed burn in Banff National Park recently got out of control during a near-record early May heatwave should give us all pause. Think of it this way. Canmore is just one busy and crowded not-so-little town situated on the

LETTER: Peyto sign long overdue for removal

Editor: I had to smirk when I saw the Bill Peyto sign on Banff Avenue was cancelled in a fire – it’s time to stop celebrating him. Bill Peyto captained the elimination of the buffalo population that we are now paying to restore. There are many other

LETTER: Thank you, Banff Fire Department

Editor: I would like to extend my profound congratulations, and thanks, to the members of the Banff Fire Department during the recent fire episode at our horse club. We are fortunate to have an outstanding fire brigade, without which the fire loss would

LETTER: Wildfires a cautious warning for Bow Valley

Editor: Let’s see – it took four relatively cool and calm days for Parks Canada to control a small and accessible blaze near the Banff townsite, according to the May 7 article in the Outlook. And, if I recall correctly, it took the province a few