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LETTER: Highly supportive of Banff Avenue pedestrian zone

LETTER: As a Banff resident, I am writing to express my strong support for the Banff Avenue pedestrian zone.


As a Banff resident, I am writing to express my strong support for the Banff Avenue pedestrian zone.

The ped zone transforms downtown into a safer and more enjoyable space for residents and visitors. By prioritizing walking and biking over cars, it has not only alleviated traffic congestion but also greatly enhanced the overall experience in Banff. Strolling along car-free Banff Avenue allows everyone to fully appreciate the town’s natural beauty and creates a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere.

By offering a great car-free experience in Banff, visitors and locals are encouraged to leave their cars at home, at their hotels, or in intercept parking lots, which in turn reduces traffic congestion. Our traffic pinch-point has always been the Bow River Bridge; whether Banff Avenue is open or closed this does not change. The best approach is to give people a reason to leave their cars behind and opt for transit, biking, or walking whenever possible.

The pedestrian zone enhances our community’s sustainability efforts. By encouraging greener modes of transportation, this initiative aligns perfectly with Banff’s mission to alleviate traffic congestion. Promoting these eco-friendly alternatives helps reduce our overall environmental impact.

As residents, we have a responsibility to keep this beautiful place accessible for others to enjoy. Selfishly burying our heads in the sand, thinking Banff should be the same as it was in yesteryears, is not a solution nor realistic.

Don’t let the car win. Together, we can ensure Banff remains a vibrant, sustainable, and welcoming town.

Think local meeting place, a community-focused space. Not a car-focused rat race. 

Simon Moffatt,


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