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Paul Clark

MD of Bighorn Ward 3 candidate
Paul Clark
Paul Clark

Current occupation:

Rancher, Councillor

Past employment experience:

Director of Fuel Supply for TransAlta for 14 years
President of Ripley Canyon Resources, a consulting company, for the past 11 years

Volunteer, community or committee/board experience:

Councillor, MD of Bighorn 4 years,
Director of Science Alberta Foundation 7 years
Chairman, Board of Managers, St. Paul's Church in Banff- continuing
President, Stockmens Memorial Foundation 2 years,
President, Benchlands Community Association -2 years
Development Appeal Board, Heritage Resources Committee, Streets and Roads Committee, Agricultural Services Board

How long have you lived in the community:
33 years

Why are you running for public office:

There are issues in the MD of Bighorn that I would like to help resolve with other members of Council
I believe that I have the background, education, experience and passion to represent the citizens of the MD as I have for the
past 4 years

What qualities or characteristics would you bring to public office:

Passion for the land and rural lifestyle. I am a director of the Foothills Protective Association, Rural Crime Watch so I hold the protection of people and property as a priority
Past Volunteer Fireman and member of a rescue team, and believe in good emergency planning
I want to work with constituents to try to resolve their individual concerns
As operator of a small ranch understand the needs of people who make their living from the land
Believe that documenting the history, both orally and written, of the MD is important for future generations
Work well with other members of Council

What issues are important to you as a candidate:

Providing adequate services to the constituents, such as road maintenance, snow removal, MSW collection. fire protection, at a reasonable cost.
Protection of the rural lifestyle in South Ranchlands,
Protection of wetlands

What is the greatest challenge facing elected officials in the community when it comes to planning for the future of the

Lack of long term planning, developing clear policies and by-laws which are fair to all
Developing budgets that respond to the needs of the constituents yet do not raise taxes significantly.

How can people find out more about you or ask you questions:

email me at paul,clark@mdbighorn,ca

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