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We talk with Tatiana Carrion about her bold and audacious earrings
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Artist and jewelry designer Tatiana Carrion has a presence – just like her unique and adored earrings. 

“I’m either the loudest person in the room or the quietest. My earrings do both – they can be loud with you or loud for you,” says Carrion. “When I’m feeling energized and extroverted, they’re like an extension of what I am feeling – cheerful, carefree, spontaneous. My earrings amplify my joy and my creativity. Other days when I’m feeling a little more reflective and introverted, I let the bold colour combinations and patterns do all of the talking.”

Carrion learned to bead at the beginning of 2020, through an Indigenous bead artist that she had found on YouTube. Carrion, who also is Indigenous, didn’t know much about her lineage but felt a very strong connection. 

Tatiana Carrion. Courtesy of Beads & Babes

“The last few years I’ve been on a path of learning more about who I am and where I come from, so it felt very serendipitous to find this artist at the time that I did and learn through her work,” says Carrion.

Although Carrion uses basic beading techniques, her patterns and colour combinations are what make her earrings stand out from other more traditional beaded patterns. 

“I believe each colour, pattern, and design that I create holds the energy of creation,” says Carrion. “I hope that through my work, others are encouraged to be creative themselves – to imagine, to experiment and to express themselves in whatever way makes them feel good. I love that I can express myself through my earrings. That was kind of the reason I started all of this was to be able to express myself through the colours and patterns of my beadwork.”

Avocados, cow print, peaches and rainbows all serve as muses for her clever and vibrant styles. 

“I wanted a loud pair of earrings that had big, bold cow print on them. That’s pretty much it,” laughs Carrion. “I remember having no idea what to name them, so I held a contest for all of my Instagram followers to help me come up with a name. The name Bessie won by a landslide so I gave the winner a pair of her very own Bessies as a thank you for her help. Honourable mentions were “legen-dairy,” “cowboy,” and “got milk?” People are so creative!”

 Courtesy of Beads & Babes

Ultimately, Beads + Babes is a one woman show and is something Carrion does in her free time.

“I always like to gently remind people that beading is a slow and intentional process,” says Carrion. “I have a great penchant for slow living and the art of beading is a great reflection of that. At this moment, turnaround time is roughly two weeks.”

Her earrings, which cost between $35 and $75, can be ordered via her Instagram. Selected styles are available at Wildheart Yoga & Barre Studio in downtown Canmore and Local Assembly, an online store based in Victoria, BC.

Learn more about Beads & Babes, visit: @beads.and.babes.

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