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6 Things To Know About Painting Your Home’s Exterior Throughout the Seasons

There are many things to know when it comes to painting your home’s exterior, but you might not have known that weather is a big factor. Here’s what you need to know.
Although the "Painting Season" continues to expand thanks to improvements in paint products, below zero temperatures still make exterior painting a no-go.

Does your house need a bit of a makeover? Nothing can elevate a home’s exterior better than a fresh coat of paint. Whether you’re going for a whole new look or refreshing your existing vibe, you won’t believe just how much a freshly painted exterior helps the overall appearance of your house. The thing is, there are a lot of things to know about exterior painting. For example, expert painters use some key knowledge to determine the perfect weather for a painting project. We spoke to Joe Splane from Peak Performance Painting in Canmore, and he gave us the scoop.

There’s a “Painting Season”

Joe told us there’s a painting season that professional painters stick to ensure the best possible results. Joe told us that the season runs from late April to the middle of October each year. However, with unpredictable weather conditions like in the Bow Valley, that timeline can vary. The perfect temperatures for painting fall outside of any weather extremes. Joe told us that most people think the window for exterior painting is far shorter than it is. “Lots of people think we can only paint outside from June to September, but it’s actually a lot longer,” he said. The season is actually expanding. “Paint products are always improving, so we’re able to paint later in the season and in cooler temperatures as opposed to years passed,” Joe explained.

Below Freezing Is A No-Go

So, now that we know when painting season is let’s talk about when it isn’t. When temperatures drop below freezing, and the sun isn’t able to heat the surfaces throughout the day, it’s not a good idea to paint the outside of your house. “Exterior paint has got oil and latex. Latex will freeze, so you’ll get frost throughout your paint, and oil will never dry if it’s too cold,” Joe told us. This causes your paint to be blotchy. While Peak Performance can fix paint jobs that were done in poor conditions, it’s best to wait until the proper season so you can get the job done in the best, quickest, and most affordable way.

While winter may not be the time to do the paint job, it’s the time to plan it. You can use those cold months to dream up your project and book your painting professionals. If you can book far in advance, you’re more likely to get scheduled at the time that suits you best.

No Extreme Heat & Direct Sun

On the other side of the token, painting in extreme heat isn’t ideal, either. “Painting in the heat can cause issues. For example, the paint might not bond properly,” said Joe. He and his team can identify suitable days and times to paint to avoid this. While they may avoid painting in the direct sun in the dead of the summer, it’s not an issue when temperatures are lower in the early and late season. It’s essential to work with experts who are familiar with these things to ensure your job is done well, and you don’t need to call them in to fix issues from painting in sub-optimal conditions.

Moisture Can Complicate Things

“Another thing to consider is moisture,” said Joe. While rain in the forecast doesn’t mean you can’t paint, it does mean that you need to be aware. Joe and his team know what to look for when it comes to changes in weather. If they see rain in the forecast, they can limit exposure of areas that won’t dry quickly, for example. All this is to say that weather is challenging to navigate on your own, especially if you’re not an experienced painter.

You Want Experts in Your Corner

Painting is a big job, especially when we’re talking about the exterior of your house. As you’ve heard in this article, there are a lot of factors to be aware of, and there are experts who are trained to ensure you get the best results possible. So, rather than climbing up on a ladder and hoping for the best, it might be worthwhile for you to work with someone who knows exactly what to do and when to do it.

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