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Here's What You Need To Know About The Power Of Symmetry For Curb Appeal

Are you looking to up your curb appeal? Symmetry is your best friend. Here's what you need to know.
The Taj Mahal in Agra, India is the ultimate example of curb appeal symmetry.

When selling your home, curb appeal is of the utmost importance. It's key to make an excellent first impression on prospective buyers the moment they lay eyes on your home. This first impression typically occurs when they are standing on the curb looking at your front yard, entryway, and home's exterior.

There are many ways to elevate your curb appeal, from painting to landscaping and everywhere in between. What does and does not attract someone at first glance has a lot to do with psychology and their psychological reaction to what they see. So, curb appeal is just as much about what onlookers feel as it is about what they see.

When it comes to the exterior of your home, symmetry is essential. Symmetry creates a unique balance and harmony that is attractive and comforting to most people.

This is not to say that your home can't be enticing if it isn't built with a symmetrical design. You should be aware of symmetry when making changes or upgrades to your home's exterior.

Symmetry is Comforting & Satisfying

People find symmetry comforting in satisfying, even if they're not aware that it's the symmetry itself making them feel this way. If you think about older homes, many are entirely symmetrical. From a-frame cabins and little cottages to larger mansions and villas, the brain loves matching and predictability. The movement to the asymmetrical has been around for only a short time. People enjoy balance, so symmetry is a perfect tool to make things more psychologically appealing.

Balance is Key

On the same side of the token, people want to feel relaxed in their homes. If things appear unbalanced, it can create chaos and make prospective buyers feel uneasy when viewing the outside of your home. If you have an asymmetrical design, consider adding symmetry in different ways. For example, you can have the same accents lining the entryway, lights or plants. Or, you can add decorations or landscaping to whichever side of the property is barer, ensuring that the overall space is equally balanced. Everyone is looking for balance at the end of the day!

It Adds Class & Care

Another thing that symmetry adds is an air of class. When things are symmetrical, they give off an energy of being carefully crafted and made mindfully with care. When homes or decorations are symmetrical, they seem classy and carefully placed, which makes people more likely to be drawn to them.

It Creates Focal Points

Last but not least, symmetry creates a focal point. If your home has a beautiful front window, for example, bright shudders on either side will work to draw the eye there. Or, if your entryway is really lovely, you can add a matching plant or lamp to either side. You can use symmetry and the psychological response to it to your advantage when trying to boost your home's curb appeal.

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