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5 Reasons Why Boosting Your Curb Appeal Will Help Sell Your House

Looking to sell? In that case, let’s talk curb appeal! We’ve rounded up 5 reasons why leveling up your curb appeal will help you sell.
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A healthy lawn and well groomed landscaping will set you apart from the rest when it's time to sell.

It’s time to up your curb appeal game! If you’re looking to sell your home, curb appeal is the cherry on top of the sundae and you don’t want to overlook it. What’s curb appeal, you ask? Well, it’s how your home looks from the outside if someone were to walk or drive by. It’s your home’s first impression and the foot it puts forward when attracting potential buyers.

Curb appeal includes everything from your landscaping to the exterior paint job, the roof to the driveway, and the front door to the fence. Anything that can be immediately seen by a passerby is part of your home’s potential curb appeal.

Things that would work against your home’s exterior aesthetic are weeds, clutter, junk or garbage, chipped or worn paint, un-kept fencing, or things like bright paint or eccentric landscaping that might not be to everyone’s taste.

Upping your home’s appeal from the outside could look like anything from a fresh coat of exterior paint to a landscaping overhaul. You might be wondering if any of this is worth it and why it even matters. Allow us to enlighten you!

Increased Value

Elevated curb appeal can help increase the value of your home. Houses with higher curb appeal are more likely to attract buyers and therefore won’t sit on the market as long as one that is actively scaring buyers off. If you’re able to up your curb appeal, you increase the likelihood of a quick sale and don’t have to worry about dropping your price if it sits on the market for a while.

Draw Them In

Diving into the specifics, people are far more likely to enter a home that looks beautiful from the outside rather than one that has serious fixer-upper energy. Places that look nice on the outside attract folks who might not even be looking in the more immediate sense, therefore generating more buzz and making it look all the more noteworthy. In addition, bringing people in because the outside caught their eye will hugely increase your pool of potential buyers. Sometimes you don’t even know that you’re looking until you come across the perfect home, right?

First Impressions Count

If a potential buyer has an amazing first impression of your home, they may be a little less critical once they get inside because they’ve already fallen in love. On the other end, if someone doesn’t like what they see on the outside, they’re already walking in looking for more things to confirm that this isn’t the place for them. If your home can be a total hit on the first impression, the rest of the process becomes a whole lot more simple.

Memorable for the Right Reasons

When prospective buyers and real estate agents are chatting about your home, you don’t want them saying “the one with the rotting tree in the front” or “the one that needs a coat of paint.” You want them to remember your home for all the right reasons so that even conversations from afar are positive and remind potential buyers of how lovely your place is.

It Could Save You Money

Last but not least, upkeep on the outside of your home is always a good idea, not just when you're about to sell. Maintaining good landscaping, spending time on maintenance, and paying attention to the outside of your home could save you a whole lot in repairs down the road or when it does come time to sell. 

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