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Welcome to the Valley, Liberals

Wow, federal Liberals gathering here in the Bow Valley? Who knew our little valley was even in view of Ottawa? Actually, and in all honesty, it’s refreshing to see some heavy hitters from ‘another’ party touring the Valley and holding a provincial ge

Interesting week in our valley…

It’s been an interesting week here in the Bow Valley. Water issues, near disasters… all worthy of comment. When it comes to water, the Town of Canmore has set a bad precedent in countering a reduction in water usage in town with a rate increase.

Budget cuts may be too deep

While we realize neither Canada nor the Bow Valley have snapped out of the economic downturn as quickly as some had hoped, municipal governments may have to stray away from a policy of rigidly holding the line when it comes to tax increases.

Let common sense be your backcountry guide

Clearly, it’s that time of year again. Just like early in the spring, when bears are leaving their hibernation spots to feast on newly-greened vegetation in the valley bottoms, it’s time for a seasonal warning.

Shooting raises both questions, eyebrows

Monday’s tragic shooting on Canmore’s Railway Avenue has opened so many cans of worms it’s difficult to decide where to begin as far as editorial comment.

Hats off to rescuers, time for a review

You’ve really got to hand it to the rescuers, passersby and professionals alike who stepped up and braved the frigid waters of Spray Lakes Reservoir to aid the passengers of an SUV which crashed through the ice last week.