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LETTER: Premier's stance on trans-youth 'loathsome'

LETTER: I thought it was impossible for Premier Danielle Smith to be more loathsome, but she's done it.


I thought it was impossible for Premier Danielle Smith to be more loathsome, but she’s done it.

Yet again, this obtuse non-expert is meddling in healthcare. Having previously stated homeopathy and a person’s own actions can prevent Stage 4 cancer, she has now decided that she’s uncomfortable with current healthcare practices for trans-youth. How does making vulnerable kids uncomfortable – some to the point of suicide – make one comfortable?

Children’s rights supersede parental rights. Medicine and the courts are clear, this is why we give lifesaving blood transfusions to children, despite parents’ religious objections. To add insult to injury, Smith tells trans-youth they should feel loved. Actions demonstrate love and this is a malicious way of showing it.

Smith and her Wildrose Take Back Alberta cronies are making emotional decisions based on archaic moral codes when the issues are complex and deserve intelligent, scientific and empathetic case-by-case assessment – not sweeping one-size-fits-all nonsense decided by uninformed fundamentalists.

This group of overzealous protectors of individual rights sure are quick to strip it from those not conforming to their ideology. To all my good friends who held their noses and voted for this daft premier, will you only change your vote when she comes for you and yours, or can you finally see the true colours of the UCP?

Further afield, Pierre Poilievre has defended Smith in this regard - an ominous portent from the man likely to lead our Nation next.

Phillip van der Merwe,


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