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LETTER: BVCU has provided 'excellent service and professional assistance'

LETTER: I have experienced excellent service and professional assistance with retirement and more from BVCU.


I noted the full page paid advertisement, which I believe discredited Brett Oland the CEO of Bow Valley Credit Union (BVCU), and an article in the Feb. 22 Outlook on BVCU’s annual general meeting.

I was shocked to see a paid advertisement to mar a fine financial institution in Alberta. It is imperative media show both sides of the story and many folks have lost trust in most mainstream media, so I am hopeful the Outlook will show the other side from a highly supportive member of BVCU.

I have experienced excellent service and professional assistance with retirement and more from BVCU.  

Finally, I decided to get out of major banks due to having had finances (interest funds), stolen from a major bank in Calgary. It took time, but I developed total trust in BVCU, given the superb service I have received from them. 

I have met Brett Oland on numerous occasions and he is an upstanding professional who cares deeply about his staff, members and the Charter of Canadian Rights and Freedoms. Brett is against central bank digital currencies, and values his members’ freedom of choice in their banking.

 The support of Tucker Carlson coming to Alberta to interview Premier Danielle Smith was a great move and the silent majority, those wishing to maintain a province and a country we can be proud of, completely agree.  I have only the highest admiration for Brett Oland and his cause for the betterment of all Albertans. 

It is unfortunate that the left-leaning woke mob has made it completely untenable for people to speak their minds without getting cancelled.  Shame on you.

BVCU is not political, and only tries to encourage conversations. But at this point, who with a thinking mind in Canada is trusting of the present Liberal government? The chaos this country affecting and fracturing every aspect of our lives and the Canadian social fabric, started more than eight years ago when Liberals came to power.

Our constitutional freedoms are continually being broken such as invoking the Emergencies Act against the truckers convoy. The finest peaceful protest that grew globally from our stand, right here in Alberta, and the time I felt most proud to be a Canadian.

The farmer’s protests in Europe happening TODAY, are a large part because of these brave souls pushing back against government overreach in Canada.

We have a fine CEO who speaks out against freezing bank accounts, especially considering invoking the Emergencies Act was ultimately deemed to be absolutely illegal.

Bow Valley Credit Union cares about its members' finances and their overall freedoms. I applaud Brett Oland and all staff at BVCU.

Carol Proctor,


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