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Eagle's Nest women's shelter seeking clothing donations

MORLEY – The women’s shelter in Morley is in dire need of pyjamas, undergarments and socks this winter.
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MORLEY – The women’s shelter in Morley is in dire need of pyjamas, undergarments and socks this winter.

Lee Anne Manaigre-Baines, fund development director, said the Eagle’s Nest Stoney Family Shelter will be hosting its first Christmas drive to help compensate for the shortage.

“There is very, very little – I’m talking a handful – of kids socks and underwear. That seems to be one of the items that (the shelter) goes through the fastest,” said Manaigre-Baines.

“When families come to the shelter they often just have maybe a backpack for their whole family.

“Those types of things aren’t what moms are thinking about when they’re trying to get out.”

Since the shelter reopened in May 2017 after being in a state of disrepair, the directors calculated there have been 300 clients in and out of the facility.

“They really did realize that beyond the basic needs of the shelter and the food that they were providing, clothing, pyjamas, socks and underwear especially were high-need items and they just didn’t have the ability to request them last winter,” said Manaigre-Baines. “Knowing they’re on pace to match last winter, they’ll see that need again.”

Manaigre-Baines said other donation items that aren’t often considered such as slippers and pyjamas are welcomed at the shelter.

“They’re hugely beneficial in just making a family feel safe when they do come to a new space that they’re not used to and they have experienced traumas
and things that make them kind of lack that ability to be comfortable in their own skin.”

Gift cards to Wal-Mart, or Superstore will also be accepted.

“If a mom comes in and she doesn’t have an item like a bra, or her children require special food or anything like that, then the shelter is able to go out and procure those items because there is no grant funding for that,” she said.

While toys are welcomed, the shelter is primarily hoping for the essential garment needs.

Manaigre-Baines said the Eagle’s Nest shelter doesn’t receive the same degree of charitable funding from the government because it is run by Stoney Nakoda First Nation administration, making its charitable status similar to that of a municipal organization.

However, the shelter serves not only Morley and First Nation women, but any women in the area in need. There are three drop off locations – in Cochrane at the Tapestry Church, in Canmore at Falcon Crest Lodge and in Calgary at The Loop Kensington.

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