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Top 4 Tips To Choose The Window Colours that Ideally Match Your House

Choosing the right windows for your house goes way beyond picking an energy efficient or the most secure one. There are other factors to consider to ensure you install the best products that last you for decades.

Style and colour are some of the key points that are necessary to discuss when choosing new windows.

Why? Because getting windows that match your exterior and interior directly affects the market of your value and can boost your curb appeal by up to 25%.

In this article, experts from Ecoline Windows Red Deer share all the valuable information that could help you pick the best windows that match your overall house style and bring maximum aesthetics.

 Tips #1. Take into account the architectural style of your house

One of the most important aspects homeowners need to consider when getting new windows is the overall architectural structure of their homes. 

Everything from the entire window structure to frame colour should match your architectural design. 

For example, traditional white or black casement windows work best for Tudor homes. Many homeowners also prefer installing transom or bay windows that project from the first or second story in their Tudor homes. Another example is the double-hung windows going perfectly with a Craftsman-style home, while huge bay or bow units might look awkward.

If you are unsure what makes the best view for your house, do not hesitate to contact local window installers and ask them to consult you on the right choice.

Tips #2. Traditional or experimental colours?

Take out some time to study your home style and design. Review the current colour scheme that defines your home, both the exterior and the interior. This will help you pick the best window shades for your home. Most often, homeowners prefer going with traditional white or black windows. Still, today's manufacturing capabilities allow you to experiment and pretty much mix any colour you want for your new units.

The key idea here is to select window colours that either match your home's exterior and interior or complement them – Chestnut Brown, Beige, Cream or Bronze all work well with traditional house designs. In contrast, Blue, Green or, for example, something more bright like Red will match the modern house designs better.

If you are unsure where to buy windows with unique colour schemes for your house, try to review your local creative platforms, where experts share their up-to-date renovation projects.

Tips #3. Matching interior and exterior 

As stated earlier, you need to consider both the interior and exterior designs the new replacement window offers to your house. Does your colour scheme further accentuate the look of your interior? Or does it help to simplify or hide it some more? Will the exterior look match your front door design or patio? Ask as many questions as possible and research which shades will provide the needed aesthetics both in and out of your house.

Tips #4. Consider all potential environmental issues 

Finally, you definitely want to consider every potential problem your windows are naturally prone to. 

Areas with heavy amounts of dirt can accumulate dust on the siding and windows. Selecting more Beige or Sand shades for your windows will help hide the dirt between cleanings, while having a dark colour scheme in such situations will only draw more attention to dust accumulation. 

Green, Blue, or Grey shades can help you mask the issue if your home is old and prone to moisture development.


Selecting the right windows beats more than just security or overall efficiency. You need to take into account the style and colour scheme that matches your preferences and complements the overall house design. Always consider the exterior and interior of your windows, your home's architectural build, and possible environmental problems. 

Planning a window replacement project? Reach out to Ecoline Windows Red Deer!

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