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Mincher Koeman - Your Trusted Canmore Family Lawyers

Mincher Koeman is a local family law office serving Canmore and Calgary area. Their skilled and knowledgeable practitioners are here to help you with low- and high-conflict resolutions.

Mincher Koeman is a family centered law firm nestled right in the heart of beautiful Alberta. While their roots are firmly planted in Calgary, they've expanded their reach to the town of Canmore, all for the benefit of their valued clients.

Known for their skillful and compassionate persona, Mincher Koeman handles family law cases for clients from all walks of life. Their effective approach to matters of family law makes them a familiar name in the realm of legal services. In addition to this, the firm understands that family clients have differing needs, which are relevant to other areas of law as well. Therefore, they assist with commercial and residential real estate transactions, wills and estates, and criminal matters.

About Mincher Koeman

Lynsey Mincher and Andrew Koeman are the firm’s partners. They both practiced criminal law before finding their passion for family law. Families seeking legal advocation will find that their seasoned practitioners are skilled in low-conflict and high-conflict resolutions. They pride themselves on helping underserved clients assert their rights against aggressive and intimidating opposing parties. Their practice is widely recognized by other professionals in the field, and they often receive referrals from other firms to handle family cases from simple, amicable divorces, to aggressive, high-conflict cases.

Cost Effective

Recognizing the need for cost effective legal aid, Mincher Koeman addresses this issue by offering low-cost options for low-conflict cases where the parties are amicable. This allows families to reach an agreement without lawyer intervention, until a signature is required.


Family cases can include an overwhelming amount of paperwork, from custody orders to divorce papers and financial records. Mincher Koeman has established a system to quickly and efficiently store and access these records. This system saves time and money so they can put more focus on your case and spend less time sifting through paperwork.

Not Your Average Family Law Firm

Mincher Koeman doesn’t just handle common family law cases such as child support, access and custody. Their practitioners have an in depth understanding of other conflicts including protection, reputation and Indigenous family matters. This makes them a one-of-a-kind law firm that serves a wide variety of clientele. Mincher Koeman recognizes that Family Clients have different needs, which overlap with other areas of law. As a result, Mincher Koeman assists with Real Estate Transactions, both commercial and domestic, wills and estate and criminal matters.

Two Convenient Locations to Serve You Better

Not everyone lives in the city and can access legal services promptly. While they do have an office in downtown Calgary, Mincher Koeman understands the inconvenience of driving into the city for appointments. In order to alleviate this gap in services, they have recently set up an office in Canmore to better serve their rural clients. "We provide 'at-home' legal services to our residents, so they don't have to travel to the city.” It's all about making your life a little easier, so you don’t have to spend the day on the road.

A Beacon of Excellence

Mincher Koeman isn't just another law firm; they're a beacon of excellence in family law and many personalized service areas that overlap. With skilled practitioners in various fields of family law, well-honed litigation skills, as well as negotiation and settlement skills, this firm is a trusted name in family conflict resolution. Whether you're navigating the complexities of divorce, child support, or other high-conflict family concerns, Mincher Koeman understands and has your best interests at heart. Their approach is compassionate, effective, and, most importantly, tailored to your unique needs. Visit their website to learn more about how Mincher Koeman can assist you with your family conflict resolution.

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