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AwSUM Outcomes: Made in Canada for the World’s Most Demanding Conditions

AwSUM Outcomes Inc. provides lubrication solutions that increase the power, efficiency, and longevity of equipment and machines while reducing costs for fuel, and repairs. With less downtime, productivity – and the bottom line – increases.
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AwSUM was formed in 2018 when Canmore resident Warren Coates and Calgarian, Brian Johnson acquired the technology that forms the basis of the PowerSUM-PowerUP brands. AwSUM continues to develop technology to the benefit of industries including, agriculture, truck and rail transportation, mining, forestry, oil and gas, and food service. But the benefits of AwSUM’s products can be directly realized by the everyday consumer, whether you are a motor enthusiast, RV’r or have a beloved classic car that deserves the extra love.

AwSUM is a local manufacturer selling products globally, providing clients with the best product for their needs, be they the farmer or trucker down the road or Boeing, Bell, NAPA or Bumper To Bumper. These products are known on the shelves under the PowerSUM-PowerUP brands sporting the infinity logo.

“A lot of other products are not manufactured in Canada” says Coates. “AwSUM has manufacturing facilities in the Prairie Provinces and Ontario, and head offices in Calgary & Canmore with about 90% of our ingredients locally sourced.”

AwSUM sets itself apart by not just saying their products are the best - but proving it through video demonstrations and technical performance data.

“We don’t just say, we show,” says Warren. “We invest in the development and testing of the products and provide the data to show how our oil and fuel additives, industrial and aviation grease, lubricating sprays, and finished fluids better protect your equipment. We manufacture to ISO standards with processes in place to trace each unit back to where and when it was produced. Traceability is particularly important in the aviation sector and fulfills the high standards required from AwSUM’s customers who range from major international helicopter companies to familiar local operators such as Alpine.

The value of AwSUM’s product lines is far-reaching, Coates explains, “The value is the long-term savings and the reduction of wear on gears and bearings- reducing metal-to-metal contact. The company name reflects this. The ‘AW’ stands for ‘Anti-Wear.’ The ‘SUM’ means the SUM of our innovative chemistries.”

Coates and team are not just passionate about helping customers save money. They are equally focused on environmental sustainability. “Everyone has their own way of being an environmentalist,” says Coates. “For me, being in the lubrication business is being part of the solution. When you apply the right lubricants to your equipment it requires less energy; and this provides a long-term reduction of the carbon footprint. You create less waste when equipment and parts are not replaced as often.”

Community defines AwSUM’s culture. It’s founders are longstanding volunteers for the Calgary Stampede- Warren, farm raised, is a Rodeo guy and Brian is a courtesy car driver. Brian has recently been active delivering food to those isolated during the pandemic.

“We support staff who give back” Coates notes.  All team members are given paid time off to contribute time to various causes and an annual donation is given to a deserving charity. “It is meaningful for us to invest in the community while we grow our business” he adds.

The future of AwSUM Outcomes is exciting as they develop new solutions and grow markets in Australia, Japan, and China. Also in development is a grease formulated to perform even better in cold temperatures and at high elevations. It’s “Made in Canada for the World’s most demanding conditions”

AwSUM invites you to put their products to the test. Discover the difference local manufacturing and passionate innovation makes for your truck, equipment, and your bottom line. Realtime testing videos of AwSUM products is available online. Go to the website to see them and learn where you can pick up some of their lubricants.

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