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A Desire to Help: NuVista Immigration Changes Lives

NuVista more than fits the criteria. Helping people come to Canada to work and live changes lives – in fact, it can change the story of entire generations.

Barb Glatthor, ICCRC #R510014, opened NuVista Immigration in 2014.

“I had owned a busy wellness business and it was time to do something different,” Barb explains of NuVista, an Alberta-based company offering a wide rage of immigration consulting services for candidates seeking to work and/or live in Canada. “I’m very people orientated. After working with people in my wellness business, I wanted my next venture to still be along the lines of providing service.”

NuVista more than fits the criteria. Helping people come to Canada to work and live changes lives – in fact, it can change the story of entire generations.

Services provided by NuVista include assistance with temporary residency, permanent residency, citizenship, consulting and application file reviews.

“We help a lot of clients coming to work in Calgary, Canmore, Banff and Cochrane,” says Barb. “This includes Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIA), work permits and spousal and common law applications. We work with the international experience class as well as with a lot of temporary residents and those applying for permanent citizenship.”

Why is getting help important? Barb explains, “To go on a government website, even for us sometimes, it is complex! You can’t make mistakes. I make sure my clients understand the process. It is emotional and frustrating. I have people that call me on a Sunday night saying, ‘I can’t do this!’ So, you become a bit of a counsellor too. Clients get upset and ask why the process is taking so long. The government is about 3 million applications behind. Don’t expect things to go quickly!”

She continues, “And now the New International Experience is opening in January. “That means around 90,000 people coming into Canada under the International Experience Class some of which could help boost Banff and Canmore.”

It’s not an easy job, but she loves it.

“From personal and professional experience, I understand people and the emotional aspect of getting into immigration and how it affects families. When I sit down with someone, I give them plan A, B and C and I don’t stop until they understand what they are up against and the complexity. I answer calls and questions quickly – unlike the government – and my clients find that to be very helpful. Sometimes things do go haywire, but for the most part we are very good at getting things done.”

Barb find the end results to be very rewarding.

“When someone gets their permanent residence, it is lifechanging for them! They cry when they get it! We are seeing a lot more people now going for citizenship. It is getting the permanent residence that is key for everyone, especially when they have a young family and they want to stay in Canada. The impact is truly generational. It affects the kids then grandkids. It can be hard to get a foot in the door, especially when you do not write or speak English. But once you do, it changes lives.”

Barb closes by thanking her many clients and those that refer others to NuVista Immigration. She thanks other local immigration firms that collaborate with and mentor her firm, while helping other hopefuls come to Canada for work or to raise their families.”

“You have to have an attitude that you can’t give up. You need to give your clients hope.”

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