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Ken Crerar

Dec. 7, 1959 to Feb. 5, 2021


It is intended that this image evoke a memory of warmth, love and happiness when you think of Ken (Kenner). In a life that ended far too soon, Ken filled his own and our lives with experiences, love and memories that will keep him with us, despite his absence.

As Kenny, Ken, Kenner, Uncle Ken, Uncle Buck, Captain, Son, he lived all the traditional roles … and he was so much more. A best friend and partner, a little kid,

                a secret-keeper and silent conspirator, a hero, a dreamer, a mischief, a playmate, a creator,

                a romantic.

The messages and well-wishes since Ken’s final illness and passing, are a chorus of his ever-present smile (and often cheeky grin) and the size of his heart. He gave us so much:

He believed in family, tradition and loyalty. The Crerar clan, while distanced physically, came together at least every two years and Ken was an engaging presence at every reunion since its inception. The King clan, another collection of distanced members, was part of a package deal that was a perfect fit. Beyond the blood lines, Kenner was the “brother” you loved and wanted to be with.


He fixed our windows, our leaks, our cuts and scrapes

and broken hearts;


He showed us that a good time is not the extravagance and size

of an event, but, the being together;


He embraced each of us and found that little thing that was

just between him and you;


He rescued us from roadside mishaps, lockouts,

fires and life emergencies;


He loved, he laughed, he joked, he hugged, he cried and he

cheered us on to our successes and assured us we could

move on from what only we felt were failures;


He found a career that matched his creativity – if it was cheap

(or better yet, free), if it could be put to use (at some point)

with a new purpose and life, if he could have multiples of it

(trailers, tractors, tools), if he could YouTube or Google and

then find it, construct it or repair it – he was thrilled;





He dreamed, designed and constructed

(to varying degrees of completion and ‘budget”)

creating sheds, enhancing spaces and MacGuyvering with

what he had on hand to make things work or give them a second life;


He appreciated art, artists, concerts, travel (by car, boat, RV, plane, train …

anything that got you moving), music (and sometimes dancing), the fitting attire for any occasion, chick time, spontaneity and with a little pressure he might have admitted to enjoying family walks;



He opened his heart with space and his generosity that knew no bounds.


Trying to capture a life as big, in the millions of little ways, as the one Ken lived is impossible in words. Feel him, include him and remember him when you repurpose something, rescue a pet or

a person and as you celebrate the small things that bring you joy.

There are so many people to thank and recognize throughout Ken’s life, and with sincerest apologies for missing specific individuals, particular mention is made of:

Doctors Blaney and Brodeur who believed in and advocated for Ken’s diagnosis, treatment and care in the 827 days of  “something’s going on”.

Lindsey for the daily and weekly home care visits that helped make something so foreign become safe and normal.

The nurses – Cass, Maggie, Nick, Michelle, Sandy, Kelsey and Bonny – and all the team at the Mineral Springs Hospital who cared for Kenner’s body and soul.

Ken, Marilyn, Alison, Inge, Jack, Garry, Cheryl, Core, Kelly and all our near and far family and friends who have rallied around, helped with dog care and Barbara care and reached out with actions, a message, a positive vibe and so much love.

K-fest will take place at a time when laughs, memories and stories can be celebrated together – without restriction or restraint.

As a supporter himself, donations to the Banff Minerals Springs Hospital would make Ken happy.


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