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A diverse menu ready to cater to all tastebuds.


Did you know that the exquisite restaurant at the Stewart Creek Golf & Country Club is open year-round? I am ashamed to admit that - until recently - I did not! All’s well that ends well, though; now that I am aware that spectacular views, a roaring fire and a fine spread await me after a day spent galavanting in Canmore, you won’t be able to keep me away.

I’ll still uphold that golf is a sport for everybody, but even if you disagree, the restaurant at Stewart Creek has a diverse menu ready to cater to all tastebuds. Gourmet pizzas, fresh made pastas, locally sourced meat, fish and vegetarian focused dishes are on offer as well as, brace yourself, a selection of classic fondues.

Defying the urge to sit back, in my chair, place my napkin around my neck and confidently declare “one of everything, please” to our lovely server, I instead exercised a shred of restraint by ordering just a handful of dishes. Demure, I know.

What can I personally vouch for? While everything that came parading out of the kitchen looked gleefully delectable, I am able to champion the seared scallops, and in particular the sweet pea puree and double smoked bacon accompaniment with a little lemon and dill creme for balance. The flavours married here are indeed tried and true, and I was quite delighted by my choice of dry riesling wine pairing.

Before we delve back into the very well-executed menu, may I take a moment to pass down this hot tip to fellow Bow Valley drinkers: the wine list at Stewart Creek is one of the most affordable I have seen in a very long time, with some very drinkable bottles for under $45. Beyond that, cocktails are just $14 which, in this economy, is really cause for an audible “whoop”!

I’ll never pass up a beet salad, and the roasted serve with chevre goat cheese, candied pecans and a maple sherry vinaigrette was a delightful blend of earthy, creamy, sweet and tart.Duck lovers will be pleased to know there is a solid confit option, with a crispy leg sat atop a herb risotto with maple greens and market vegetables.

Did I find a deep comforting joy in the braised Alberta short rib pappardelle with a mushroom sauce and welcome drizzle of truffle oil? Of course I did, and who wouldn’t!  In true spring-in-Alberta fashion, ‘twas a snow-blustered evening and I was thankful for the heartier fare to keep me warm!

The weather may well have also been a large contributing factor behind my dessert choice. While I looked lustily on at other diners enjoying a full fondue feast of cheese and beef, I was too full to ladle hot gruyere into my mouth on this particular occasion, but I could not resist a swill of the Lindt milk chocolate offering. Yes, LIQUID LINDT. Served aside a bountiful platter of fresh fruit (and, yes, okay banana bread), I felt this to be a near virtuous way to end the meal, even if I may or may not have given my index finger a quick swoosh around the chocolate bowl before my otherwise graceful exit back into the night. Oops.

Stewart Creek Golf & Country Club is open year-round for dining. Visit for hours and reservations.



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