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Basecamp’s Commitment To Fostering A Diverse, Inclusive Workforce In The Bow Valley

Today, we’re learning more about Basecamp’s diverse team and how they’ve committed to fostering an inclusive workforce in the Bow Valley.

If you live in the Bow Valley or you visit often, you’ve likely heard of Basecamp. Basecamp Resorts are memorable, unique accommodations in some of Western Canada’s most spectacular mountain destinations. You’ll find Basecamp locations in Canmore, Banff, Revelstoke, Lake Louise, and the list goes on. The properties are scattered within some of the most iconic places in the Rocky Mountains, and the property types include resorts, suites, lodges, cabins and glamping, motels and hotels, and luxury hotels.

While Basecamp is notable for the unforgettable accommodations they provide, they offer so much more to the communities that surround their properties. Namely, Basecamp employs hundreds of incredible folks who have come from around the world to enjoy the wonders of the Rockies, just like their guests. To learn more about their fantastic staff, we spoke to Laure Wanlin, Basecamp’s People & Culture Manager.

“We have a little over 200 employees within Basecamp between Alberta and British Columbia,” Laure told us. “We have an extremely diverse team which brings so much culture. We call it the ‘Basecamp Culture.’”

Among that massive roster of staff, Laure shared that Basecamp has sponsored many international employees to join their team. “We have around 80 employees that have PR, a work visa or sponsorship.”

Basecamp feels that it’s important to offer employment opportunities to international folks for a number of reasons, some of those reasons hitting home in a more personal way. “My family moved from Belgium to Canmore when I was 11 years old when they received PR,” Laure explained. “This incredible experience has allowed me to learn English, a new culture, have dual citizenship, go to a reputable school, gain experience in the workforce and gain personal and professional growth, and become part of an amazing community,” they continued. “I truly believe that all people should have the chance to experience the beautiful things that this community and the people have to offer, just like I had the chance to.”

Speaking to the “Basecamp Culture,” Laure shared that their diverse team “increases the skilled hospitality workforce, which is immensely needed in the Bow Valley.”

Basecamp has recently signed a “Workplace Inclusion Charter” to show its commitment to inclusion and diversity, and they are eager to undertake as many commitments as it can. “We have also had many sponsorships through LMIAs, Young Professional Visa, Francophone Mobility, etc.,” said Laure, “We love to have many staff events throughout the year and have all staff join us. We recently had a curling event in March. This was truly amazing to see. Many international employees were able to try curling for the first time!”

As a community member, Laure said, “I do believe that the community has a very strong community feel and belonging. The community is very inclusive and has so much diversity and offers something for everyone.”

As for Basecamp, Laure said, “The team feels like a family where we all belong and can be open-minded with each other. The Basecamp Culture and Family is very much about inclusion and promoting growth. We love to see employees belong but also grow within the company, such as job promotion internally instead of externally, sponsoring great employees to stay part of the family, and having staff events all together regardless of the property they work from or whether you are management. We are equal and part of the same family, and we all work towards the same mission.”

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