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Signing Up for Lawn and Landscaping Maintenance Packages

HOME SWEET HOME – Getting the backyard beautiful for outdoor hosting is a great project but it’s a lot of work.
If you're tight on time or short on ideas, calling in a professional lawn and landscaping company can get the job done for you with pleasing results, giving you lush landscaped lawns and gardens with flowerbeds full of colourful plants. / Credit: iStock

Spend more time looking forward to it, and less time working hard on it by signing up for lawn and landscape maintenance packages. The professionals know what is needed and they know what to do.

If you do a lot of outdoor hosting, you want that area to be as beautiful as possible. But a little help might be needed to make your backyard space everything you want it to be. Professional help can do the work for you, but they can also point out some jobs that may or may not be needed, or that will add that extra touch. It's important to keep up with yard cleanup or there can be negative consequences. Without proper maintenance the lawn becomes unhealthy, and it doesn’t look as welcoming. Call in the pros when you don’t have the time yourself or when you need a bit of help and advice. Here are some of the things that getting a lawn and landscape maintenance package can help with.

Take Care of the Lawn

Lawn care is a big, seemingly never-ending job and even if you can do your own mowing, it’s still time consuming. Also, there is more to it than just taking care of the grass. The lawn needs some new life in it if it is full of yellow patches, bare spots, or weeds. Professionals know. They can check the soil, give it fresh seeds, as well as water and mow. Get tips on what it needs from experts.

Make Time for the Shrubs, Trees, and Flowers

The grounds are much more than grass. The plants, shrubs, and flowers require care too. The professional groundskeepers can do the pruning and help with decorating and placement of the flowers and containers. Your backyard also may need more trees, or maybe less trees. Perhaps some need to come down. Landscapers can help and it will make all the difference.

Fix up the Concrete Surfaces

It’s not all lawn and flowers. A great backyard space has walkways, paths, and concrete surfaces. After a winter of salt and shovelling they might be damaged or crumbling and in need of cleaning and repair. Here are a few tips, but it is still safer and easier to bring in help for this one!

Add Mood Lighting

Outdoor hosting often takes place after dark. Where do you want to place the lights? What kinds of lighting would look the best? Professional services can advise and help you get that warm glow to just where mood lighting would be best.

Outdoor Seating Areas

A big part of outdoor hosting is the gathering spaces. Patios, deck, barbecue area, outdoor seating and bars all need cleaning and inspecting for damage and to be sure it is safe. They also need repair and cleaning to look as good as new.

There are several jobs and tasks that you can do yourself to make your backyard look great this summer. But outdoor hosting doesn’t have to be a daunting time-consuming chore. Sign up for lawn and landscaping maintenance packages that will take the worry away.

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