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Rich Colors and Natural Textures: 7 Fall Centerpiece Ideas

Bring those fall colors and textures inside this season with an easy DIY centerpiece. These seven ideas are sure to spark your creativity and help you make the perfect autumn tablescape for your friends and family to enjoy.
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As you begin to decorate your home for fall, try a simple DIY centrepiece for your table this year. By focusing on the colours and textures of the season, you can easily incorporate natural items and décor that you already have to achieve a stunning look for less!

Here are seven easy ideas to inspire your creations.

Glass Cloche

The best thing about using a glass cloche for a centrepiece is that it’s easy to switch the décor year-round without much effort! Invest in a medium to large cloche so that you can style the inside with a variety of items. For fall, use small pumpkins, berries, faux or real leaves, and acorns. You can also add candles to mix up the height of the items. Experiment until you have the look you’d like—don’t be afraid to stack pieces and fill the cloche up toward the top if you’d like a more abundant look. Place it on your table and enjoy the elevated feel you’ve given to these everyday fall items.

Mini Pumpkin Floral Vase

Flowers make a great centrepiece year-round, but to add a festive fall touch to the arrangement, try using mini pumpkins as a vase! Simply cut out the top and clean the inside, then fill with some water and cut flowers. Change the water daily to avoid mould. You can use white pumpkins for a neutral arrangement or use traditional orange to really highlight the season’s colours. Choose flowers that are on the smaller side, like mums, so that they don’t overpower the mini pumpkins.

Candle Wreaths

Try these easy wreaths if you’re looking for an easy way to dress up the candlesticks or pillars that you have on hand. Using a faux greenery stem (eucalyptus is a nice fall foliage), cut lengths that will make a circle slightly larger than the base of your candles, then use floral wire to attach in place. Paired with gold or orange candles, these simple wreaths will add the perfect pop of life to your table scape. Try incorporating candles of varying heights to give more interest to the display.

White Pumpkins with Affirmations

Sometimes the simplest décor helps your message stand out best! If you want to emphasize positive affirmations, gratitude sayings, or even display some autumn poetry verses, this easy white pumpkin centrepiece is a great option. Small white pumpkins are easy to find at your local grocery store or farmer’s market this time of year. Arrange them on a cutting board, tray, or fall-coloured table runner and attach these leaf tags with your words of choice. Need space for longer writings? Print out the text and display it in a gold frame nestled amongst the white pumpkins.

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Amber Bottles with Wheat

One way to incorporate the rich colours of autumn into your centrepiece is by using amber bottles. The deep orange-brown-gold tone of this glass is the perfect backdrop for otherwise neutral décor like wheat stalks or other dried grasses. The amber bottles are also an ideal vessel for miniature lights. They create a night glow that’s cozy and warm, perfect for celebrating the season.

Oranges and Pinecones

For a simple, easy, and colourful fall centrepiece using only items around your house, try displaying small oranges, pinecones, and some candles down the middle of your table. The fruit gives that brilliant pop of colour while also being an unexpected item—we usually see orange show up in leaves or pumpkins this time of year. The contrast between this bright colour and the darker, earthy pinecones lends balance to your table, and candles dotted throughout will add a welcome glow in the evening.

Farmer’s Market Basket

Celebrate the abundance of fall by showcasing your local harvest as a centrepiece. A wooden crate or basket makes the perfect base since it won’t compete with the colours of your fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Using kale or other greens to layer on the bottom and sides of the basket helps add some depth to the arrangement, while pops of colour from oranges, apples, pomegranates, and pumpkins add visual interest. If you have space left, add small jars of water and some cut flowers between the food.

No matter the occasion this season, you can easily create a fall-inspired centrepiece yourself using things around your home and yard as inspiration. Try one or more of these creations today!

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