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Your Wellness. Your Way.

We are a Pilates and Core training studio. We focus on helping our clients strengthen their core and strengthen their understanding of movement awareness. Through core and Pilates training, one can discover pain free movement as well as injury prevention from daily active living!

By practicing Pilates over time your awareness and strength will improve your posture and decrease body pain. You’ll find yourself moving better and more efficiently in your daily tasks; whether that be puttering around the house, chasing after kids, exploring the outdoors, working out in the gym, or just basic living, Pilates is meant for it all. It is an exercise program for functional movement. As Joseph Pilates puts it “Change happens through movement and movement heals”!

We offer both Mat and Equipment Classes. Our Mat Classes can hold up to 6 participants and our Equipment Classes can host 3 participants at a time.

The Mat - is another form of equipment that does not have any moving parts or springs for resistance. Like Yoga, it provides free flowing body weighted movement, however, the Pilates Mats are 2 inches thick providing more support for the spinal rolls that are taught in Pilates Mat Classes.

The Reformer - is a low table like machine with a sliding platform (carriage) which is attached at the foot of the reformer by springs for resistance. The carriage is moved by pressing on a stationary foot bar or pulling on straps that run through pulleys at the head of the reformer.

The Chair - as the name implies, is a short wooden box padded for sitting or lying on the top. On one side a paddle is attached by hinges and supported by springs connected to the undercarriage of the chair for resistance. The paddle is manipulated by the feet or hands depending on the exercise.

The Tower - is the shorter version of the traditional Cadillac. It is essentially a low-lying bed with a metal frame canopy at one end. Springs are attached to the metal frame to provide resistance-based exercises as well as support-based training.

Who Can this Exercise Routine help with? Everyone! Click on our common questions to learn more!


Wellness means different things to different people but it can be defined simply as the choices, actions and lifestyles that promote health and well-being. Wellness is an active pursuit, not a static state, but that doesn't mean there's only one path to achieving it.

At Flex Wellness we believe in providing a variety of opportunities for our customers to achieve meaningful and sustainable wellness in an accessible way. Whether you choose pilates, yoga, meditation, outdoor adventure, or a combination of them all, know that our goal is to help you achieve your wellness, your way.


Pilates is a part of a grand picture that, yes, does help teach proper breathing techniques, helps with body alignment and body mechanics but it also alleviates pain, it heals and ultimately it brings more pleasure and enjoyment in one’s life. As Joseph Pilates puts it “Change happens through movement and movement heals”!


Our mission is to share our love of Pilates and Fitness and to challenge you to rethink what movement means to you. Our challenge is there to only help guide you, inspire you, motivate you and above all help you find enjoyment and confidence! “Everyone is the architect of their own happiness” Joseph Pilates.