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Close encounter with grizzly bear sparks closure

A jogger had to use their bear spay after a female grizzly bear with two cubs charged them in the Stewart Creek area of Canmore on Wednesday morning (July 17)
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CANMORE – A jogger in the Stewart Creek area had to use their bear spray after a female grizzly bear charged them on Wednesday morning (July 17).

The jogger managed to get away safely without any injuries, however as a precaution, a closure was put in place along the Highline Trail and surrounding areas within Canmore.

“The sow charged the jogger to within a distance of approximately three metres, at which point the jogger deployed the bear spray and bear retreated,” said Mark Drummond, a Fish and Wildlife officer.

He said the jogger was travelling along Loki’s Trail, more commonly known as the Low Line Trail, when they ran into a female grizzly bear with her two young-of-year cubs.

Elsewhere in Town, provincial officials have also set up a bear trap in the Three Sisters area after several black bear sightings.

“This year we’re having a significant amount of problems with black bears that aren’t just passing through the Town of Canmore, but seem to have taken residence and are staying in these residential areas of Canmore,” said Drummond.

He said there are no immediate public safety concerns, but due to the high likelihood of a conflict Fish and Wildlife isn’t taking any chances.

“If we can’t manage these bears on the outside of Town and they are entering the inside of Town they have to be considered for relocation," said Drummond.

He said the bear trap will remain in place for as long as there is a bear in the area, adding bears begin to forage for berries at this time of year.

Wildlife officials recommend always carrying bear spray, making noise and keeping dogs on-leash when recreating in bear country. To report wildlife call Fish and Wildlife at 403-591-7755. 

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