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Cult leader Ramona Didulo and followers change locations in Saskatchewan

Residents of a Saskatchewan village held several protests trying to force QAnon’s Romana Didulo and her followers out of their tiny community.

RICHMOUND – After two months of protests against QAnon’s Romana Didulo and her followers who had taken over an abandoned school in Richmound, Saskatchewan the cult leader and her supporters pulled out of the tiny village on Wednesday.

Didulo had posted a live stream video on Telegram showing that they had put a heater on a propane tank inside the school. The village staff saw the video and called it a violation of the fire code and sent in the fire chief, a building inspector, and a bylaw officer, according to CBC.

Didulo wouldn’t allow the investigators into the school, and instead, the group packed up and left.  Didulo and her followers, however, have only gone about 11 kilometres down the road to a farm in the R. M. of Fox Valley.

In September, after being escorted out of Kamsack, Didulo and her group set up camp at the abandoned school owned by Ricky Manz of Richmound. In October, Manz was charged with assault.

Saskatchewan RCMP had brought in a temporary mobile RCMP detachment that was staffed 24/7. 

Village residents held several protests trying to force the group out of their tiny community.

Didulo – who leads a conspiracy group – calls herself the queen of Canada.

“Romana Didulo is a Canadian QAnon figure who falsely claims to be the ‘Queen of Canada,’” said a report from the Anti-Defamation League.

She has called for violent action against people administrating COVID-19 vaccines to children. Didulo has issued ‘decrees’ cancelling various debts and outlawing government actions. She also encouraged her followers to use psuedo-legal documents to avoid paying debts, leading to some followers having their water or electricity shutoff or put at risk of losing their homes. Some of her followers have been arrested for making threats against schools and businesses.

Didulo and her supporters have allegedly threatened to publicly execute the council at the Village of Richmound, their fire chief and staff, the village administrator and staff, an RCMP officer, EMS, and several journalists.

The threats that were posted to Telegram on Oct. 1 and shared on Twitter, said that failure to “cease and desist,” could result in them being found guilty of treason and facing “publicly broadcast executions.” Didulo and her supporters had claimed they are being stalked and bullied by Richmound village residents.

With files from John Cairns and from Kamsack Times

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