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Airdrie fiction author releases first book

If there was ever a case that proves dreams do come true, look no further than Airdrie author Perry Logan.
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Airdrie resident Perry Logan recently released his first book, "Kids of Concern," a political adventure novel. Photo Submitted/Airdrie City View

If there was ever a case that proves dreams do come true, look no further than Airdrie author Perry Logan.

He recently released his first fiction novel, Kids of Concern, which came to him in a dream in the midst of a battle with prostate cancer.

“I never intended to write a novel – the last time I took English was 1979,” Logan, 60, said. “I was going in for surgery, stressed out, I fell asleep watching the Calgary Stampeders and dreamt of the book.”

Logan said the novel’s entire storyline vividly played out in the dream. When he awoke, he sent himself an email outlining the dream and started working on the story the next day – planning from day one of writing to make it a trilogy.

Though said he doesn’t understand where the inspiration came from – or why someone who never thought to of authoring a novel is now fully encompassed in it – he's going to take advantage of his new title of “published author.”

“You live for different reasons,” he said. “I am just enjoying what I am doing. You just start writing and see where it goes."

The author said writing helped with the healing process after undergoing surgery related to prostate cancer.

“It helped me cope, absolutely,” he said. “The story just became a part of me. Once I got through the surgery, I just kept typing.”

From start to finish, according to Logan, the book took about three and a half years to write. Finally releasing it in late November, he said he is already writing the sequel.

According to his website,, the political adventure novel focuses on a character named Carol and her plan for a better world. With the help of some brilliant kids and a team of specifically trained adults, she’s on the verge of accomplishing her goal of building an organization capable of managing the world’s governments. Along with her grandson, Joshua Small, she recruits other gifted children to accomplish the plan.

Kids of Concern combines adventure, suspense, murder, deceit, politics and a world of high-tech gadgetry and artificial intelligence,” Logan’s site reads. “Crossing the borders of the U.S. and Canada, the story takes the reader to places and situations believable in the context of today’s political headlines.”

Writing aside, Logan is the executive director of the National Fireworks Association, advocating on behalf of the fireworks industry to municipalities and the federal government to create fireworks regulations that are effective and safe.

The 600-page, 200-chapter novel has given Logan a new purpose, he said, in addition to his full-time career.

“I have always been a free thinker,” he said. “I have always wanted to do things outside the box, because why the hell not?”

Kids of Concern is available on or Logan's website

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