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8 Tools Every RVer Needs in Their Handy Toolkit

Every home needs a toolbox, and that still applies if your home happens to be on wheels. Here are some of the main tools that every RVer needs on hand.
Tools you need on hand for your RV

Ready to hit the road? Not so fast! Let’s take a moment to inventory that toolkit of yours. Everyone needs a toolkit, and that’s even more the case if you happen to be living on the road for a bit, even if just for a weekend. We’ve rounded up a list of tools you want in your toolbox before you hit the road. Cheers to a fun (and prepared!) RV adventure.

A Multi-Tool

You’d be silly to forget your multi-tool behind. These babies have screwdrivers, pliers, knives, a bottle opener and corkscrew, and a whole lot more. Multi-tools come in handy in all situations, so it’s never a bad idea to have one–even just to open a bottle of wine in a pinch.

A Set of Screwdrivers

Your RV is going to have all different shapes and sizes of screws. If you could pick one tool to have, it’s a screwdriver. But, you’ll need to make sure you’ve either got a range of screwdrivers or–even better– a multi-bit screwdriver to save space. From vehicle-related issues to cosmetic things like decorating or adjusting your finishings, a range of screwdrivers will come in handy.


You’d have to be pretty silly to go camping without a flashlight. So, rather than just suggesting a regular flashlight, we’re suggesting a special flashlight that lives in your toolbox. Naturally, you’ll want a pack of batteries, too. This way, you won’t find yourself in a pinch looking for a flashlight that someone else may have grabbed. You’ve got one designated to your tools, so you know where it is at all times.

Tire Pressure Gauge & Tire Inflator

There is nothing that kills the vibe on an RV trip quite like a flat tire. Having a tire pressure gauge is a huge must. If you want to level it up even further, bring along a tire inflator. This can help you with bikes, recreational vehicles, and the RV itself. Rather than waiting on the side of the road, you might as well bring along the tools to inflate your tires yourself. Just be sure to get acquainted with the process before you try to do it yourself.

A Ladder

RVs and trailers can be tall, so a ladder can be key. If you’ve got an especially tall rig, you might want to consider a telescoping ladder so it can be easily tucked away. From sorting out issues with your awning to cleaning debris off the roof or checking for issues, it’s never a mistake to have a way to get up high safely.

All the Tape

As is the case with any toolbox, you’ve got to have duct tape. From temporarily fixing leaks and other on-the-go repairs, you’ll be so happy you have it. On top of that, you’ll want to pack electrical tape so you can deal with any issues that arise. Tape could be your best friend in a pinch, so you can never have too many options in your back pocket.

Zip Ties

In the same vein, you might find yourself in a pinch and in need of an easy and creative fix. Especially when it comes to RV travel, you want to be sure everything is secured in place. Zip ties (and tape) are some of the best things to keep on hand.

Tape Measure

Another thing to remember about RVing is that you need to be aware of your measurements and the places you’re trying to fit into. For example, if you’re ever in doubt when trying to fit into a campsite, there’s no harm in measuring. It may save you a big headache, some exterior damage, and a whole lot of cash.

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