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Peter (PJ) Jensen of Canmore passed away suddenly on the evening of
Friday the 17th of February 2023 of complications due to an enlarged

Son to Naomi and Doug Jensen and Brother to Chris and Naomi Schaap, PJ
was born May 31st 1972 in Winnipeg. He will be survived by his mother Naomi,
brother Chris Schaap and his wife Carol, sister Naomi and her husband Giles, and his beloved dog Stanley.

We all know someone who is good at every sport or hobby they pick up and
PJ was one of those people. He was and will remain an icon in many
fields. Skiing, Fishing, Hunting and taxidermy are just a few of the
various fields where PJ was at or near the top of the class. He was
someone to watch and learn from. His love for these many pastimes was
contagious and will continue to impact those he influenced. When in his
presence one could easily pickup on his passion for them and his
excitement to share his knowledge as he discussed his plan to hunt a new
valley, bag a new peak, ski a new slope or when he was next heading to
Mexico to chase Roosterfish. “73 more sleeps” he’d say as he
slapped his palms together rubbing them like he was trying to start a
fire. The count usually would have started way before 100 sleeps.

Monod sports took PJ on when he was 18 years old. He clocked 32 years
there. He became a hell of a boot fitter and people came from all over
the world to get ski boots fit by him. Day in and day out you’d hear
“I’m here to see PJ” and customers would patiently wait as he
finished with one and worked onto the next solving each challenging
bunion or bone spur like a little puzzle. He was a miracle worker.

For those of us left behind as his hunting and fishing partners,
business partners, ski buddies, colleagues new and old, friends, family
and friends who felt like family, there will always be a great rift as
we pursue the passions that he helped ignite in us. We can think back to
him in our own successes going forward in a way of sharing a high five
or a cheers from a legend. He’d be stoked for you. He was a very
modest man and would be embarrassed to know how many people are mourning
him right now while still holding great appreciation for the time he
shared with us. Tip back a can of Pilsner and take a moment to hug or
reach out to those close to you and never take any day for granted. He
never did.

Donations can be made in PJ’s name to the Bow Valley SPCA