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Country gal Stacey Zegers heads to Bill's

Following stops in Jasper and Lake Louise earlier this week, up-and-coming country music sensation Stacey Zegers will play Wild Bill’s this Friday and Saturday (June 17-18).
Stacey Zegers
Stacey Zegers

Following stops in Jasper and Lake Louise earlier this week, up-and-coming country music sensation Stacey Zegers will play Wild Bill’s this Friday and Saturday (June 17-18).

The London, Ontario-based musician is travelling westward across the country for the first time, and has already had some interesting experiences.

“We didn’t know that at night in Manitoba and Saskatchewan hardly any gas stations are open, so we were driving the Trans-Canada and ran out of gas literally 10 minutes from Regina,” she said. “So we stayed there for a bit and flagged down a vehicle that was from Listowel, which is about an hour from where I live in Ontario, and he had a gas can.

“We’ve had a ton of fun so far,” she added. “I’ve toured in Canada, but I’ve never done the drive across. It’s really gorgeous, but it takes a lot out of you.”

While Zegers has never played Banff, she did once live here.

“I used to live in Banff years ago, I loved it in the mountains, I loved the atmosphere of being in that town and surrounded by nature, that whole aspect of it,” she said, reminiscing of her youth. “I think I climbed Rundle and Sulfur.”

The 25-year-old singer-songwriter describes her music as being country of the folkie variety.

“Basically, the album that I have out right now is a collection of songs I’ve written about my life at the point that I recorded it, which was almost two years ago now,” she said. “We did a music video of it back in January and it was about bullying, but from the bullyer’s perspective.”

While growing up, Zegers had experiences of being bullied.

“The video started with me in fully done up makeup and hair, and slowly I take my makeup off and my hair extensions out, and then hold up little signs about different statistics about bullying in Canada and information of where to go for help,” she said.

“From that, Kids Help Phone asked me to be a celebrity ambassador and I played at the walk they did in London back in May, so that was a really great experience,” she explained. “From that aspect, that song (sunflower) empowers people. It’s interesting to do an album and not really have crazy high expectations for it, but for something really positive to come out of it, I thought was great.”

Zegers’ first full-length album, Famous, was released in 2009. That year, she was chosen as a Top 5 contender for CMT Canada’s hit show Casting Call.

“I was in Vancouver for the CCMAs back in 2009,” she said. “I’m actually coming back and doing some shows in Calgary and Edmonton and Fort McMurray in August – the country music scene is so much bigger in Alberta, it just makes sense to be here.”

After playing Banff, Zegers heads to Vancouver, before returning to Ontario for extensive touring there.

“I’m hoping this tour goes really well and then from here on out I can come and spend more time in Alberta,” she said. “I’m totally booked until the end of the year. I have a bunch of shows back in Ontario and I’m doing seven festivals over the summer before coming back in August.

“Then the CCMAs are in Ontario this year, so I’ve applied to showcase there. And then I’m actually touring in the United States for three weeks in November. Busy year!”

But being busy is good, so long as it’s about music, she said.

“I just always wanted to do it,” said Zegers. “About three years ago I just made the decision that this is what I wanted to do with my life, so I book and manage and finance everything.

“I work really hard and I’m really busy, but it means that much more to me when things work out. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”

Zegers is also working on her next album, though there’s no rush, she said.

“I probably won’t put a date on the next album until I know that all the songs are compiled,” she said. “So hopefully fall, maybe next year sometime, that’ll be finished.

“Music’s one of those great things that you don’t have to rush, you can just enjoy.”

To hear her music, visit Zegers’ website at

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