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Table’s lunch menu makes this the most important meal of the day


Mid-day Mouthwatering

Canmore’s Table Food + Drink , in the Coast Canmore Hotel & Conference Centre, is one of those hidden gems that is a bit off the beaten path, but is well worth the exploration. With a gorgeous patio, welcoming fireplace, a beautifully appointed dining room with mountain-inspired finishes, Table Food + Drink is a feast for all of your senses. 

With breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, Table Food + Drink has something delicious to offer any time of day. We were lucky enough to hit the lunch menu, which we enjoyed in the comfortable lounge offering great views of the Bow Valley. 

One of the highlights of Table’s menu is the mussels frites. If you’re a seafood lover in Canmore, you’re already well aware of this delicious dish. Fresh mussels and chorizo sausage are bathed in a roasted garlic tomato broth infused with confit gem tomatoes, white wine, julienned tomato and leeks, and, of course, Table’s delicious shoestring fries. Accompanied by chewy baguette slices for dipping, this dish is great as a snack on its own or to share as an appetizer. 

Next on the table were the whimsically plated cauliflower bites featuring cumin-scented tempura cauliflower with an orange curry yogurt dip. The bites are light, crispy and aromatic making them really fun to eat. The dip is a brilliant and beautiful yellow with earthy flavours of the east under a light citrus perfume. The plating is fun and Instagram worthy making it a must-try dish for foodies. 

If a light lunch is what you’re after, the fish tacos at Table Food + Drink  are fantastic. Find fresh Icelandic cod in bed with bright pickled red onion, a cool pico de gallo and a creamy lime aioli in chewy mini tortillas. These tacos are a melody of flavour, texture and colour making them a great choice for those who love the flavours of Mexico all year long. 

If you’re hungrier, the chipotle chicken club is a fantastic choice. This hearty lunch features a thick, fluffy and chewy naan bread wrapped around a tender chicken breast, smoky bacon, fresh tomato and arugula with a chipotle aioli that offers just a hint of heat with a tang that brings it all together. 

For sides, you can’t go wrong with Table’s delicious truffle fries, with parmesan and chopped herbs. The green salad goes far beyond typical with mixed artisan greens topped with dried cranberry, candied pecans, gem tomatoes and julienned cucumber all brought together with a delicious, tangy pear vinaigrette. 

Open 7 a.m. - 9 p.m. daily, visit Table Food + Drink for breakfast, lunch or dinner.