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Aggressive bear destroyed in Lake Louise

An aggressive grizzly bear that stalked and trapped a high-profile mountaineer and his client up a tree for more than three hours has been destroyed. The Sept.

Study details human effect on wildlife

A new study suggests wolves are quick to flee from areas near trails in the mountain national parks to avoid people, while elk seem to be using areas close to lightly-used trails as a safe haven from predators.

Kootenay highway project deferred

A $5 million project aimed at stopping wildlife from being run over and killed on the highway through Kootenay National Park has been put on hold due to the federal government's tightening of its financial belt.

Legal challenge likely if Canmore chooses to cull rabbits

If Canmore’s politicians choose lethal means to deal with its burgeoning bunny population, they will face a legal challenge from the Humane Society of Canada.
Retirement full of adventure for Rubens

Retirement full of adventure for Rubens

Many think of retirement as a time to take it easy, but for two-time Olympic athlete Shona Rubens, it turns out an adventure was in order.

High winds hamper rescue effort

Extremely windy conditions prevented Banff National Park rescuers and a helicopter pilot from plucking two climbers off Mount Temple at first light on Monday (Sept. 26).

Canmore to consider third party to run Multiplex pool

Who and how the future Multiplex aquatics facility should be run is up for consideration.

Budget savings directed toward Multiplex project

A major Town of Canmore budget surplus last year has been used to reduce the amount of debt related to the Multiplex project. Council transferred $1.5 million from the 2010 operating fund surplus to the Multiplex last Tuesday (Sept. 20).
Evensong celebrates decade at Ralph Connor

Evensong celebrates decade at Ralph Connor

A decade ago, an event occurred which some claim changed the world. On Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001, the horror of the terrorist attack on the World Trade towers and Pentagon spread around the globe.

Banff sewers in good shape

Almost half of the Town of Banff’s sewer mains have been inspected and cleaned at a cost of about $120,000 – and most are in good or very good condition.