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Adding To 'Culture, Perspective, & Vision' With Wild Life Distillery

We're spotlighting Bow Valley businesses that proudly employ folks from around the world, and today, we're welcoming Wild Life Distillery to center stage.

If you're unfamiliar with Wild Life Distillery, you're about to wish you had discovered it sooner. Wild Life is a craft distillery in Canmore that produces small-batch spirits, including Vodka, Gin, Whisky, and more. They have a cozy tasting room where you can enjoy a delicious and creative cocktail (or three) and often see some friendly faces. Among those faces may be the owners, Matt Widmer and Keith Robinson, both Bow Valley locals. Going strong since 2017, Wild Life is constantly growing and adding unbeatable products to its menu. With the recent addition of canned cocktails and craft Whisky to their lineup, we're always excited to see what the Wild Life team comes up with next.

There is a ton of planning and production that goes on behind the scenes, and on top of that, the Wild Life team is often out slinging cocktails at markets and events. As the business grows, so does the team, and the co-owners do not take this lightly.

We caught up with Matt Widmer, co-founder, to learn more about his team. "They are all on board with our common vision to be a leader within the craft distilling industry in Canada," he shared. "Our attention to detail in our distilling process, cocktail bar, and sales team sets us apart, and the whole company is very close-knit." He continued to say that the team shares many common interests that connect them beyond work. "Many of the team members have been with us for many years, which has created an almost family-like feel to the team. It's a special thing to be a part of," said Matt.

He explained that Wild Like has around 10-12 employees in high season, and there are always at least two or three folks from abroad. He feels it's essential to offer employment opportunities to people who have come from afar to Life and work here in Canmore. "The distilling industry in Canada is very young. Often folks from other countries come from areas where the industry is much more established and therefore can offer us skills/knowledge that are beneficial to the growth of Wild Life," he said, highlighting another reason why a global hiring pool is a huge asset.

Matt finds that international employees bring "more culture, perspective, vision, and alternative ways of doing things" to the table. "Only knowing one way from one area regardless of industry is quite limiting," he said.

As for what draws people in, "the mountains attract a certain type of personality that aspires to live in a beautiful place," Matt explained. "There are many sacrifices that those of us who live in the Bow Valley must make to be able to live here. The type of person who is not only willing but excited to make those changes/sacrifices has a mind for lifestyle and adventure that aligns very well with our brand ethos," he continued.

Matt believes Canmore is an incredible place to plant roots as it is "filled with incredibly unique businesses, people, and natural landscapes that make it an amazing place to call home."

If you love good cocktails and supporting local, you're going to want to keep your eye on Wild Life. They're making big moves along with their incredible team.

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