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6 Key Reasons Employers Should Partner With Immigration Professionals

We spoke with an immigration expert to break down the benefits of working with professionals if you’re an employer.
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If you're an employer who has hired or is considering hiring a temporary foreign worker, you may have noticed some serious hoops to jump through.

Regardless of your reasoning, there is a lot to know about foreign workers. If you hope to keep this person long-term, you're likely considering the LMIA route. While it may be intimidating, we've got good news. You can hire experts to support you through this exact process. To give you a glimpse into the benefits of working with an immigration expert, we spoke with Leann, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant at Foothills Immigration, to give you some professional perspective. Here are some benefits of partnering with an immigration expert:

Get Familiar With Your Options

A key part of working with immigration professionals is they should begin by giving you a complete picture of what you're up against and your all option available. That means getting to know your situation, your employee's situation, and what you're eligible for. "First, we'll determine what you're actually eligible to do when it comes to an LMIA," said Leann, noting that LMIAs are the primary component for employers when hiring international employees.

This first step may sound simple, but ensuring you don't waste any time or money going down paths that aren't suitable for you is hugely impactful. Once you understand where you stand, an expert can help you know where you need to go and how to get there.

Figure Out What You Really Need

"When you're working with somebody who has done numerous LMIA applications before, they're quite versed in understanding what is needed and what isn't needed," Leann told us. "So when documents are submitted to the government, you know that they're the correct ones."

She told us that the end goal is to put together a complete and accurate application for a LMIA. Therefore a professional "can help you understand the correct supporting documents you need and firmly establish all of the requirements to eliminate any guesswork." Leann and her team ensure that you'll have a full checklist for what you need to put together so you're not missing anything and wasting time on additional pieces you don't need. For example, submitting incorrect documents can derail you and ultimately risk a refusal. So, a huge piece of working with a professional is the original assessment because you'll walk away understanding what you need, why you need it, and how to make that happen. Of course, no one can guarantee the success of your application. Still, experts can ensure you've got everything you need for a successful application and eliminate the risk of unnecessary mistakes.

Interview Prep & Support

Another thing you might not know about applying for an LMIA is that you, as the employer, will need to do an interview with a Service Canada representative. "There's a very, very specific format that they follow. If you say the wrong thing, or if you say something that is not in kept in line with the submission, it could derail your entire application," said Leann.

For this reason, Leann accompanies you on this interview and supports you through it, answering questions on your behalf and ensuring nothing is misunderstood or misrepresented. For someone that has never been through an interview like this, it's impossible to understand what types of questions you'll be asked, what answers are appropriate, and what information could work in your favor or against you. You don't want any curveballs this far along in the process, so support in this interview is key.

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An Advocate In Your Corner

There are tons of moving parts to this type of application, so immigration professionals can support you in so many ways. For example, "just really what making sure that the application runs smoothly," said Leann. "Being able to track with the government where different elements are, is key," she continued. "It's a huge benefit to have somebody on your team that knows the appropriate timelines and can advocate for you if things are taking longer or going differently than they should." Beyond that, immigration experts know what kind of timeline you'll need on your end, and they can help ensure you have everything set up for success and progressing in accordance with deadlines and priorities.

"On top of all else is your peace of mind," said Leann. "It's huge to have someone on your team to help you maneuver through that course of foreign workers. It's not easy, there are hundreds of different elements, and it's not easy to get in touch with government personnel to support you along the way if you're doing it alone."

Save Time & Money

While hiring an immigration professional may seem unnecessary to some, it's more beneficial than wasting money submitting incorrect applications or facing rejection after a lengthy and costly process (government fees are not refunded for refusals). Experts can point you in the right direction and take a whole bunch of tasks off your shoulders to ensure you're using your time and money wisely and have the best possible chance for success.

Look Out For Your Employees

While these experts are here to support you, they're also here to help your employees and staff. "When it comes to the employees, it's even more serious for them. This is their lives and their futures. An error on the employer's part can lead to a lot of stress and headaches if your worker ends up in a bad situation," Leann told us. "Not only will you lose an employee you love, but you'll be letting them down in a really big way."

Beyond that single employee, Foothills Immigration offers a detailed snapshot of where all of your foreign workers are at. "We keep a detailed list of when their visas expire, where their active applications are at, what your timelines look like, what the long-term goals are and what you need to do to make that happen, and just keeping you and your team on track and looked after," Leann shared.

Even if you're not qualified or ready to start an application process, gaining that clarity alone is a massive benefit of talking to an expert. From helping you better understand your situation to help you and your employees move ahead with accuracy, efficiency, and critical knowledge every step of the way, it seems like a no-brainer.

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