Driving to make Morley golf again


KANANASKIS – Stoney Nakoda golfers hope a recent tournament becomes a hole in one for the local First Nation.

Tason House, along with eight Nakoda golfers, aimed to rekindle sporting traditions in a fun way with an inaugural Stoney Nakoda golf tournament last Sunday (Sept. 2) at Brewster’s Kananaskis Ranch Golf Course near Exshaw.

The golf tournament is the first in 15 years for strictly Nakoda players, said House, the organizer.

“Back in the day when I was younger, there used to be local tournaments run by Stoney people,” House said.

“I kind of wanted to continue that tradition, the event, whatever they started, whatever they created. I wanted to just keep it active and ongoing and I haven’t seen anything since then, so this is pretty much the start of it again.”

The inaugural tournament “tested the waters” to gauge local interest in potentially doing it as an annual event for the Stoney Nakoda.

House added he hopes more Nakoda youth would become interested and involved if it does become an annual event.

“There is so much negative news going on our nation,” he said. “I’m trying to get the youth and people active by coming out and having a good time.”

On the day, nine players on three teams played best ball on the 18-hole course, which House said could have been better, but he was happy with the turnout.

One golfer who played was Keon Labelle Jr., who said he “always wanted this” type of event to happen.

“Just playing the course and having fun, this is just for fun,” Labelle said.

“There are a lot of (Nakoda) golfers out there that could potentially be in golf tournaments and make money and stuff like that, but they think there’re too many rules. But as long as you know the basics, it’s fine, it’s not like a PGA tour.”


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