Wade Rettie


Ski racing coach

Ski racing coach since 1992, worked at Kellers, Banff springs golf course, bartender at Wild Bills, 4 years experience working in commercial developments and property management.

Served on the golf course board, worked on various charity boards over the last 20 years most recently a board for housing abused and impoverished women to create a safe environment to continue education.

41 years

To be involved with the continuing improvement and betterment of our community.

I have always had a strong sense of community. I hope to bring that sense of community to all decisions being discussed and reviewed over the next few years.

I don’t think any one issue can be taken any more or less important than another. If it’s being discussed it’s important to the community.

The greatest challenge I find is ensuring all aspects and effected parties needs and wishes are accounted for. It’s easy to make a quick judgment or form an opinion but to recognize all involved and form an educated opinion inclusive of matters that effect all involved is a challenge in a small town.

I am continually walking through town and am usually able to discuss issues. I am often found on the slopes of Norquay so a chair ride is sometimes the best place to go through a good catch up.


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