Vi Sandford


Canmore town councillor

Administrative Assistant, Secretary Treasurer and shareholder in R.W. Sandford Interpreters of Natural &

Human History Ltd.

These were my Canmore Town Council Board & Committee appointments in the past 5 years:

Canmore Library Board

Canmore Museum and Geo Science Centre Board & Casino Chair

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB)

Assessment Review Board

Board of Directors Bow Valley Waste Management Commission

Councillor appointee – BCEAG

CAO Performance Review Committee

Elevation Place Steering Committee

Arts Centre Advisory Committee

Board of Directors, artsPlace

Calgary Regional Partnership

– Economic Prosperity Committee

– GIS Committee

More than 5 years ago:

School Board Trustee, Canadian Rockies School Board. 2007-2012

Bow Valley Wolverines Football Association – Executive Committee & Casino Chair

Canmore Tennis Association – President & member

Canmore Museum Society – President & Member

Co-Chair NWMP Barracks Restoration Committee

Canmore Nordic Ski Club – Newsletter Editor

Canmore Minor Hockey – Parent Volunteer

Canmore Figure Skating Club – Parent Volunteer

Canmore Preschool Society – Parent Volunteer

Elizabeth Rummel School – Parent Volunteer

LGMS – Parent Volunteer

Canmore Collegiate High School – Parent Volunteer

Since 1981 – 36 years.

I have served for 5 years on Canmore Town Council since first being elected in the by-Election in June 2012. In my 5 years as Councillor the Town has been presented with a wide variety of challenges and opportunities. The decisions made by Town Council shape our community. Every decision we make is a stepping-stone to our future. I know that we can work together, collaboratively, respectfully and effectively to achieve a future that will complement this great place we call home.

I consider myself experienced, dedicated, professional and respectful in addressing the challenges and opportunities facing our community. The job of Councillor is very diverse, and as such, it can be time consuming and thought-provoking. It can require attendance at important workshops and meetings during both day and evening, to more fully-understand and focus on issues. I have been employed, along with my husband, in our own home-based business for over 30 years. As a book-keeper for our business, I am familiar with budgeting and accounting practices, which I consider very valuable in understanding Town finances. I am familiar with contracts, legal documents and regulatory requirements, as well as the mountain environment. My Council duties are a priority, and I am committed to the challenge of doing what’s best for my community. When Council decisions are made, I want to feel assured that we achieve the best results with resources available: a monumental challenge in a small town of only 13,077 full time residents.

Currently, housing is a pressing issue we must address. New, innovative plans should reach completion in 3-5 years. Plans put in place will take time, but projects have already started, that will address housing shortages in a very intentional way. By regulating and enforcing Air BnB’s and illegal short-term rentals, the desired outcome is to increase housing stock for residents. Land use changes around secondary suites could provide accessible options for more full-time residential housing. A variety of master plans and guiding documents for planning purposes have been completed over the past 5 years. I would appreciate being involved in how these plans emerge and unfold into actions that improve and address community needs. Transit and transportation are areas where Council direction will be very valuable, and I would be pleased to be involved in the direction these will take in the future.

Human use management will likely be our greatest challenge in the future. We live in a highly desirable place, easily accessed by a mobile and affluent world. People come here from near and far to enjoy the beauty and splendor of these mountains. With this attraction, come challenges in managing vehicle traffic and parking, housing for residents, short-term and resort accommodation, environmental stewardship, recreational opportunities and human-wildlife conflict. Fortunately, in the past 5 years, Council has new plans and guiding documents to inform us of directions we can take to successfully manage our beautiful mountain home. Consulting with the community and residents is a necessary part of planning for the future.


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