Vamini Selvanandan


Medical doctor

Currently completing Masters in Public Health, University of Alberta (Distance Program)

2010 – 2016 Family Medicine Practice, Alpine Medical Clinic, Banff, Alberta

2005 – 2009 Locum – Family & Emergency Medicine, Baffin Regional Hospital, Nunavut

2004 – 2005 Emergency Medicine, Canmore General Hospital, Canmore, Alberta.

2004 Locum – Family Medicine/Emergency Medicine

Stanton Regional Hospital, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

2001 – 2004 Clinical Associate in Critical Care Medicine

Peter Lougheed Centre and Rockyview General Hospital, Calgary, Alberta


2017 Health Committee, Bow Valley Immigration Partnership

2017 Policy Committee, Canadian Public Health Association

2013 to present Population Health Advisor

Bow Valley Primary Care Network

2012 – 2014 Fundraising Committee

Rundle Playschool, Banff

2005 – 2009 Medical Advisory Committee

Pharmaceuticals and Drugs Committee

Qikiqitani Regional Hospital

1996-1997 International Health Program Co-Director, University of Toronto


2014 – 2015 Physician Volunteer, Preventing Cervical Cancer, Nicaragua & Ethiopia

2008 Physician Volunteer, Common Hope, Antigua, Guatemala

2004 Physician Volunteer, Fundacion Hogar Del Ecuador, Cuenca, Ecuador

16 years

I am running for public school board trustee

• Because quality education is key to the well-being of individuals and society.

• To ensure that our schools are effective in preparing students for success in life.

• To advocate for adequate resources to meet our community needs and priorities.

• To give back to the community that my family and I value and are proud to call home.

– The trust and knowledge of families, youth and children in Banff.

– Experience working on health and social issues for public good.

– Critical thinking and ability to understand educational issues in their larger societal context.

– Spirit of collaboration and cooperation as we are all working to achieve the common goal of quality public education.

– Making sure that our schools develop every child and youth to his or her full potential by pursuing academic excellence.

– Closing the achievement gap by adequately resourcing English Language Learners, supporting newcomers and learners

with special needs.

– Providing safe, healthy and caring schools that nurture sense of community and have zero-tolerance for bullying.

– Ensuring that parents and students are empowered to make their voices heard by school staff, administrators and board members.

Delivering quality public education is the focus of the office of the public school trustee and the greatest challenge that the school board faces at present is a mismatch between the demands placed on our community schools and the amount of resources that we have at our disposal. Elected trustees will have to effectively communicate our community needs to decision-makers in order to ensure that our schools have adequate resources to meet the unique challenges of our community. They will also have to be willing to innovate and find resources outside of traditional provincial funding models.

– stop me when they see me in town and talk to me. I am always willing to listen or answer questions.

– come to the public school trustee forum organized by the Alberta Teachers’ Association (date yet to be determined).


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