UCP looking for riding support in Bow Valley


The Banff-Cochrane interim United Conservative Party (UCP) constituency association is looking to drum up donations before the province drops the writ and presumably divides the current riding.

Looming revisions of the electoral boundaries are anticipated to come into effect at the end of the year, splitting into Airdrie-Cochrane and Banff-Kananaskis.

“Under the Elections Act, we have to split the bank account between the two new constituency associations,” explained Phil Cape, a Cochranite on the local board of directors.

“We want UCP members to donate to their local constituency associations – the party is doing quite well, but the associations have to fund themselves,” he said, adding that bolstering support for the Banff-Canmore end of the riding is a priority.

Councillor Morgan Nagel also serves as president of the local interim constituency association.

“We have one of the best organizations in all 87 ridings in the province … one of the challenges our riding faces is that we have a really solid volunteer enrolment in Cochrane and less so in Banff and Canmore,” said Nagel.

Cape and Nagel highlighted the increasing engagement of youth by the UCP. Recently, a new position was created in the local interim constituency association (CA) for a vice-president of youth outreach, which is being filled by Cochranite Brayden Cooke.

The UCP’s founding convention is slated for May of 2018. Following the establishment of founding principles, the two new CAs will host annual general meetings where boards will be elected.

Anyone looking to learn more about the interim CA or getting involved with the UCP at a local level is encouraged to stop by their Christmas party, which is being held at Killarney’s Pub in Cochrane on Dec. 7 at 7 p.m. or to get in touch via philcapecochraneucp@gmail.com.


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