Ted Christensen


General contractor/Own and operate Banff Home Wise Renovations Ltd

-self employed for 25 years

– journeyman electrician/red seal

-Board of director formerBanff Small Business Association

– community member Mineral Springs Hospital Board

-community member Banff poet laureate committee

-past member of Canmore Artists and Artisan Guild

-community member Banff mentor program

-former member Banff Fire Department

-former public member Banff Development Appeal Board

-past member of Banff Advisory board and did some work on Banff’s Community Plan

-Councillor Town of Banff (2013 – 2017)

-council member Bow Valley Waste Management Commission

-council member Municipal Planning Commission

-council member of Assessment Review Board for tax appeals

-Member of Alberta Urban Municipalities education committee encouraging women to participate in municipal politics

Forty plus years

I have an ongoing interest in the well being of our community where I have learned a lot, "did some growing up", married, raised my family, forged strong friendships, am "making a living" and have been helped by many "in word and deed".

Many I hope; but for sure: experience, engagement and accessibility.

All issues that come to me are important and continuing on that note the most important factor is that we have a robust electorate that pose questions and offer solutions with the expectation that they will be heard and thus raised in council by me as an elected representative.

– I have an immediate desire to seek greater understanding of our "capacity" concerns in housing development, visitation, traffic and parking: to inform and gather more information from and for the electorate on these issues.

-I have a growing interest in diversifying our tourism reach; particularly in the fields of education and health care. To be more specific there is active work being done to develop a school for the hospitality industry; what could do more for our industry to provide and maintain a high quality of service?

Also there have been strong steps taken to develop a particular sector of our health care service industry.

I believe these strong incentives need community support.

– I have an abiding passion to do more locally to help our most vulnerable citizens who can no longer care for themselves and I have some ideas how we can help.

-We are a diverse community which is a tremendous asset but that characteristic makes disseminating information a major task and consensus building even more of a feat. A pertinent example is our summer concerns over fire threats; how many citizens feel that they were well informed?

-We are able to solve a world class problem at a local level. Our boundary is finite as is our globe; how do we maintain a sustainable life style while remaining inside our "Banff Bubble"?

-How do we continue to strive to put ourselves in, and maintain our status as a special community with a progressive attitude while still having Banff as "the place we choose to live"?

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