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The death of bear 148 at the hands of a trophy hunter is senseless and tragic beyond words.

I feel maybe we all hold some responsibility in this sad outcome due to the fact she had to be translocated out of her original home in the Banff-Canmore Bow Valley area. We have to stop our ‘I want’ entitled attitude of, I want to have access at all times to my trails, I want my dog to always run off-leash, I want development with little or no regard to the wildlife.

Bear 148 is sadly gone forever. Please show respect when trails are closed for bears to feed on berries. They need their space also. We need to share this valuable environment before it is too late for our grizzly bear population and all wildlife, for that matter, otherwise we will all lose.

This was a letter I sent to the Edmonton Journal on Oct. 12. Many Edmontonians are mourning the loss of Bear 148 as well. There were numerous articles and letters to the editor written about her in the Journal and Sun. We were following her story and praying for the best. We are so deeply saddened by what transpired.

Your letters to the Outlook are so well written. Please forward and send them here also. Many Edmontonians visit Canmore and Banff. The more people who read these important thoughts and messages, the more people educated, the better.

Grizzly bears and all wildlife deserve this. We are all in this together and all need to help make a difference in bear 148’s memory.

Liane Thiessen,



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