Rob Lillington


Regional Manager at Rocky Mountaineer

Charter Manger, Brewster

Transportation Manager, Canadian Mountain Holidays

Board Member, Frostbite Music Festival (Whitehorse, Yukon)

4 years in Banff, 6 previous in Canmore. First came to Lake Louise in 1988.

My partner and I are examples of people who arrived in the Bow Valley to begin our careers at entry-level jobs, and fell in love with the area and lifestyle and decided to make it our home.

We have progressed professionally to become well-established, and like many our age we have seen countless friends forced to move away for economic reasons. I believe the community would benefit from greater continuity of residency and enhanced opportunity for those citizens that wish to remain in (or return to) Banff. I want to do everything I can to help create the conditions that allow for a great quality of life for short and long term residents, in tandem with enhancing visitor experience.

I am a centrist who can work effectively with colleagues towards solutions, regardless of the make-up of Council after the election. I am well known in my work for a positive,disposition, an inclination for collaboration, and remaining fiscally responsible while striving for creative solutions. My opinions are not calcified, and if facts are presented that contradict my thinking I am open to change..Entrenched thinking presents a bottleneck to progress, and I will bring an open mind to Banff Council. I aspire to honorably represent and carefully consider the views of all constituents; short / long term residents, small business owners, and major tourism operators.

The overall theme of my campaign would be Continuity of Community (Ask More of Banff, Let’s Focus on Residents & Community).

The following complex issues are crucial to enhancing the quality of life of all residents in our community and enhancing visitor experience:


Improved Access for Small Business

Transportation (including parking)

Fiscal Stewardship

The challenge council has had is to strike a balance between quality of life for residents and a healthy, growing local economy. They have also had difficulties in communicating their vision to residents effectively, as many residents feel they do not have their views reflected in Banff’s future planning.

There is a common sentiment that there is inherent tension between community life and tourism, but I believe they can and should be in close, complimentary alignment as Banff plans its future.

twitter: @Rob4Banff


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