Province introduces updated flood app


An update to the Alberta Rivers website and mobile app will allow for a faster, more efficient response from emergency personnel, to changing flood conditions.

The province has launched version 3.0 of their Alberta Rivers mobile app, as well as a new, updated website which includes a web portal for municipal emergency management personnel.

Municipal emergency management personnel can access the portal through a log-in on the app which allows them access to all the needed information in one spot, as well as certain communication options and archives of past flood events documents.

“The emergency managers’ web portal is a valuable addition that will help our municipal partners deliver a well-timed, co-ordinated response during a flood to help ensure public safety in a changing climate where extreme weather events are more common and more severe,” said Alberta Minister of Environment and Parks Shannon Phillips in a press release Friday (June 10).

Key features of the new web portal for municipal emergency managers include instant contact with Alberta’s River Forecast Centre via chat, a document viewer, and whiteboard tools, as well as access to the most current data possible, and a community diary feature allowing for the documentation of past flood events.

The public accessible areas of the app track river conditions, as well as precipitation, lake levels, snow pack and ice conditions in the province.

The app also features push notifications to alert you of any advisories, such as reservoir outflow alarms or low-flow alarms, location services, and the option to submit a photo of an affected area.

To check river conditions in your area visit or download the Alberta Rivers mobile app.


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