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Have you been to the Canmore Visitor Centre on the west side of town by the highway lately? If you haven’t here’s a spoiler; total facelift in the way they do things and the people inside.

Recently, I wandered in looking for some information to provide to my vacation home renters. I was greeted by a young, fresh face.

After speaking for a few moments she identified herself as the supervisor. Her entire team is all new to this visitor centre, which in my opinion brings a new light within itself to the centre. She told me about how they have recently started selling local photographer’s cards, attending community events and are attempting to make Canmore residents feel as if Tourism Canmore has a positive aspect for our community.

They are here to support all of us, big or small. They want to be able to share what Canmore has to offer, not just the dot on the map for gas, but to stay and enjoy our town.

Here’s what surprised me the most while I was at the centre. I listened to a conversation another employee was having with a tourist who had come in. The tourist asked a question that definitely makes me cringe. They said, “what can I do here? I was just in Banff, it’s just the same mountains.”

Well that employee didn’t just say the usual stuff, she suggested local restaurants to check out, different local shops, some very unique attractions for Canmore and even what she described as her favourite local bakery.

Being a long time Canmore resident, I was unaware the visitor centre did all of this. When I began to leave I even saw a sign that said they can help book everything a tourist would need.

I’m writing today not to brag about the service I received, but to advise our entire town; visit them, introduce yourself and if you’re a business, take them some materials. Let them advertise what your business has to offer. Let’s try and help the people who are convincing those who come into Canmore looking for gas to stay a little longer.

At the end of the day, the team working there is what makes some of our local shops and restaurants achieve.

Together we are a community and together we should start acting like one.

Jenn Hasan,



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