Luke Sunderland


Two years as Banff Ward School Trustee for Canadian Rockies Public Schools / GM, Banff Attractions & Director, Corporate Social Responsibility for Brewster Travel Canada

Vice President & COO of the Banff Centre

Twelve years in executive and leadership roles at Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

School Trustee at CRPS

Active on Parent Councils at Banff Elementary and Banff Community High School

Banff Lake Louise Hospitality Association board member

Banff Heritage Tourism board member

AMPPE board member

Tourism Jasper board member

Numerous working groups including most recently Common Wealth Walkways & BLLT

Seven years

My life is touched daily by the Canadian Rockies Public School System through my two children that attend Banff Elementary and my wife who is a teacher at Banff Community High School. As a parent and proud community leader and volunteer, I believe great schools are the critical to the future of Banff. With this in mind, I would like to earn the opportunity of a second term; as trustee, I will further advance student learning opportunities, professional development for teachers, academic results and ultimately financial sustainability. I am proud of achievements to date and I will ensure, as a member of the board that we continue to build the very best schools for this community!

Vision: I bring forward new ideas and help connect the dots to deliver results. An example of this is the progress towards the realization of the Banff Hospitality Tourism Institute. This institute will result in a win/win/win: enriched education for the students, increased learning opportunities for the community and ultimately better experiences for our visitors.

Leadership: I keep organizations focused on strategies and outcomes. In so doing, I bring leadership experience from government, non-profit and corporate sectors.

Backbone: I am tough, but fair and will always ask the hard questions and hold leadership accountable.

Business skills: I monitor results and seek new opportunities to increase the financial sustainability of CRPS.

Dedication: I believe success is maximized through hard work. I commit myself to better schools for our students and community!

I want the best learning opportunities for all students! With this in mind, I champion:


– Advanced Placement courses

– Mental Health

– Smaller class sizes

– Fun and relevant locally developed courses: Nature Explorers and the Outdoor Learning Centre

– Real world learning: Dual Credit Programs, Work Experience and support for teachers bringing the real world inside and outside of the classroom

– Thinking differently and leveraging our strengths: Banff Hospitality Institute and High School Alignment

– Diversity: French Immersion and International Student Programs

I want the best teaching! With this in mind, I champion:

– The Teacher Effectiveness Framework (TEF): this professional development helps teachers realize their potential as designers of learning which ensures better learning for all students, from all backgrounds, at all levels. This also ensures we attract the best teachers. The TEF is researched based (U of C) and internationally recognized as a best practice. This is critical to student success!

I want the best results! With this in mind, I champion:

– Evidence of student learning

– Preparing citizens and careers

I want the best financial resources (sustainability)! With this in mind, I champion:

– Improving the government funding model. This can be achieved by leveraging core strengths to receive specialty funding:

Teacher Effectiveness Framework, Banff Hospitality Tourism Institute and Outdoor Learning Centre. CRPS will earn acclaim for these initiatives and thus be supported accordingly.

– Improving the business model: maximizing opportunities for revenue generation, partnerships and efficiency (expense savings). Financial improvements support greater student learning opportunities.

– Long term planning: multiyear budgets and smart capital plans.

Destination affordability as it relates to attracting and retaining families and thus students is a challenge. The solutions are more affordable housing and better and more diverse learning opportunities for our students. I believe we need to think differently to turn these challenges into opportunities. An example of this potential is the Banff Hospitality Tourism Institute which will leverage our tourism brand to build a brighter future that benefits students, community (adult learners), employers and the visitors of Banff.

The government funding formula is a challenge. To achieve more funding, we must build upon and leverage our strengths and assets to give the government a reason to fund us in special ways. Examples of this are the Teacher Effectiveness Framework, which is recognized by the government as a leading practice and thus specially funded. Additionally, the Outdoor Leaning Centre, attracts learners from across the province and leverages our reputation and learning opportunities in the outdoors. Lastly, the Banff Hospitality and Tourism Institute is receiving much interests and support from government and partners. This approach to funding also supports our asset renewal plans including the new Banff Elementary School. By position ourselves differently, we can secure more funding and opportunities.

I welcome feedback and ideas. Please feel free to reach out to me directly on my cell at 403-431-6410 or by email at


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