LGMS, Morley share hoops and pizza


In a world where globalisation is too often the name of the game, where big policies and big ideas rule the waves, sometimes we forget to meet our neighbours and take small actions to make our world a better and more connected community.

On Wednesday (Feb. 28) athletes from Lawrence Grassi Middle School and Morley School came together under the unifying forces of basketball and pizza to find out more about each other.

They found out some universal truths; when you play hard and trust your team, winning and losing at basketball is irrelevant, because feeling part of a team is already a victory. Another shared truth was that everyone loves pizza.

The game, by the way, was an electric affair, the atmosphere in the gym charged as the two teams battled hard with no quarter given. Morley brought robust physical defence mixed with rapier like attacks, while LGMS refused to lie down and kept hammering away at the task, playing a high tempo game based around quick passing.

The scoreboard showed 23-21 in Morley’s favour at the end, but it did not tell the story of the game. The crowd was treated to two sets of girls giving everything; as entertainment it was high value and as an insight into how two cultures can come together, it was invaluable.

After the battle came the feast – both teams sat down and broke bread – well, in this case pizza, but you get the picture.


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