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Of Cabbages and Kings Pottery

The Avens Gallery (Canmore)

The Quest Gallery (Banff)

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This decision reflects my commitment to being involved in a positive and meaningful way to help manage the change and growth within our community, with a vision for maintaining a balance between a healthy environment, social inclusivity, and a strong and diverse economy.

As the Mayor for the past five years, I have provided strong leadership towards achieving a balance in our community – working with my fellow members of Council, with Town Administration, with other stakeholders in the valley, and with many individuals who have offered their expertise and perspective on the issues in a constructive and selfless manner.

In my personal life and studio practice I have always valued open and respectful relationships, and I continue to be approachable, available, and prepared to consider all perspectives.

Prioritizing the work required to better co-exist with the wildlife that shares our valley.

Planning for and implementing actions and making decisions that foster an inclusive and livable community.

Diversifying the economic base in order to be less dependent on the visitor based economy.

Understanding that the focus of elected officials should be to make decisions that benefit the entire community. This is particularly challenging when listening to the many well-considered and articulate perspectives that often are diametrically opposed – on the same issue.

We need to work to find better ways to have civil and productive conversations and engagement throughout the community on a wide range of important issues.



Re-elect John Borrowman for Mayor



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