Jill Jamieson


Principle – Jill Jamieson Coaching & Training

Leadership Coach with EITC

Outreach and Engagement with Banff Canmore Community Foundation

General manager Camp Chief hector YMCA

Camp Director Camp chief Hector YMCA

Lecturer Mount Royal University

Chair of Advisory Committee – ETOL Program Mount Royal University

Grant Chairs, Banff Canmore Community Foundation

Conference Chair – Alberta Camping Association

I have lived in the bow valley for 16 years. Two years in Canmore.

I enjoy working for a mission that is larger than myself. I want to give back to my community in ways that can have a positive impact.

I have experience in leadership, working with land managers, education, youth, health and wellness. I am interested in people and community development. I am a good listener, have a reasonable sense of humour and love living here and raising my family.

Maintaining a livable Canmore. We must maintain a diverse community. A place where all who work here can live here too.

I am interested in how we might continue to diversify our local economy and am impressed with the work the Chamber is doing on this front.

I am interested in supporting ways for us to co-exist with wildlife and maintain a healthy ecosystem.


Transportation/congestion/(parking!), supporting non motorized travel


I will be at several forums, I hope to host a few gathering myself, and folks can email me at : Jamiesonforcanmore@gmail.com.


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