James Louden



Canmore municipal campground manager, guide, cook, millwright

Migratory Words

20 years

To serve my community. To add a voice and perspective from below.

I have a plan. I think all first time council members should have the same plan. The plan has four words: shut up and listen.

Listen to the voters, the experienced members of council and the voice of experts both in and outside of town administration.

1) Low cost housing: I support the creation of low cost, single owner (private, coop, cchc, etc) apartment blocks through out down town. 2) Protecting wild spaces by limiting future development to Canmore existing footprint. 3) Car free downtown and increased biking infrastructure

There are many challenges facing this town. The complex and overlapping governmental jurisdictions make even the most basic changes to our community difficult. Thousands of people with differing opinions on the right direction to take doesn’t help either.

Google me. Find me on Facebook. Give me a call and invite me over for coffee. I would love to listen to your perspective.


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