Hubman dog park disaster


The restraint required to not set the record straight has come to an end. The calm attempt at persuasion is over. The destruction of a sustainable landscape; irresponsible. The failure of institutional memory; incompetent. The methodical and relentless opposition; well deserved.

Approving the installation of a Hubman dog park in my front yard for the sake of as few as 12 dogs is comically the latest example of town administration wagging the tail of the council dog.

This is my front yard. My front yard, where my living room, dining room, stairwell and bedroom face. Would you like a dinner invitation to our home for crappy leftovers with an appetizer of ravaged earth and a side dish of excrement?

Bring your noise cancelling headphones. Bark, bark, bark. Leave the elk babies at your home, they won’t be near mine anymore. I won’t be waking our guests early in the morning to see the majesty of these magnificent animals. Wildlife will be looking for new side trails to avoid scofflaws who can’t bring their self-righteous arrogance to comply with unenforced leash laws.

The miserable disc course wasn’t offensive enough. Something not asked for, not wanted and no use for. The gift of annoyance that keeps on giving. Oh joy, one poop at a time.

You want what you want, and you want us to suffer and pay for it. Love me, love my dog. Don’t save and buy a ranch or farm big enough to exercise your dog off leash. Force me to pay for it with my money. How clever.

What is a ratepayer to do?

Stop spending money in Canmore. The tourist-driven culture providing endless free-for-all for the world to use at our expense is unsustainable. We opt out, withdraw support and will spend elsewhere.

Gone are the thousands of dollars committed to buy local. Gone are charitable endeavours to those in need. Gone are donations to the food pantries. Gone are dinner reservations, hotel bookings and retail clothing and trinket shopping. Unpurchased Canada 150 items will not fill the suitcases of our dear friends and family visitors.

There is more than one way to vote. This is a peaceful protest to an administration-engineered confrontation between neighbours. Shame. Shame. Shame.

Get over the shock of our bad taste to hire legal representation because we knew the deck was stacked. That the single meeting on Hubman was for mitigation, you said, not appropriateness, a clumsy salvo, this was a done deal. This was a sneaky shady hand dealt from the bottom of the deck.

Gail Mitchell,



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